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  1. iLogik

    low on fps

    There are many different factors that could be causing this 1) Laptops don't always have the best heat management (thank you 3RROR) -A way to help with this is playing on a hard surface, this helps so heat doesn't get trapped in between, lets say, carpet and the bottom of your pc. -Another way (that I don't recommend) is getting a Laptop Cooler Pad even though these can get a bet pricey and from my experience USUALLY only help with idle temps and might only help your gaming temps by 1-2c 2) With your 960M, PUBG uses a good amount of that power over processing power to run your game. Unlike PUBG, Arma and Argo use a LOT of processing power to operate. -Also Arma/Argo hate AMD... So I really hope your laptop doesn't have an AMD processor. 3) I honestly do not know much about laptops, but from my experience, restarting and making sure nothing else is running in the background helps a lot sometimes. And then there is the obvious solution- Get a desktop (But don't get a desktop if you're always moving places.)
  2. Honestly sounds too much like Raid. No point in having two game modes that are that similar in pace, range, and play style.
  3. iLogik

    Earn Money for better weapons

    I am not 100% what you are trying to say in your post. But, what I think you are trying to ask is how you get new weapons and how to buy them? Hopefully I'm interpreting that correct, so here is your answer: 1- When you are on the main menu screen for Argo, you will see the button Equipment, you are going to click on that 2- After you load into Equipment, you will see Skill Tree at the top, the third button when going from left to right. 3- When you are viewing the Skill Tree you will see in the upper right your skill points (represented by the Argo Logo) and your Argo Currency (represented by an AC, I believe) 4- In the Skill Tree, you will use your skill points to unlock access to new weapons and equipment. When you Unlock something in a certain row, you will then be able to use skill points on the attachments in that corresponding row. ex: Assault Rifles II will unlock Sights II 5- After you use your Skill points, you will then go to your Armory, which is the second and middle button at the top of your screen. 6- In the Armory is where you will use your Argo Currency to purchase new weapons and attachments for those weapons; or new equipment such as grenades. 7- After buying whatever your heart desires, (And whatever you have unlocked) go to the first tab at the top of your screen. 8- Here is where you will make your classes and equip your new gear. Pretty self-explanatory how to do this. I really hope this is what you were asking. :)
  4. iLogik

    low on fps

    What processor do you have? Arma/Argo use more processing power more than GPU.
  5. iLogik

    FPS optimization

    What... You clearly have not played much arma if you expect ANYONE to get 100 fps. Like if I ever got a solid 100 fps in arma, I would be shittin' myself.
  6. iLogik

    FPS optimization

    Man. I have a GTX 1060 and a i5-4690k and I'm happy when I get 50fps...
  7. iLogik


    I must be lucky then. Because in my 22 hours of playing, I haven't played against a single hacker :O Neither have I see any advertisements for 'hacks'
  8. iLogik


    No, Hand_Solo is right, that definitely is a bug more than anything. If he was hacking, he would probably be doing a lot more tbh other than just respawning himself...