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  1. thegrowl

    Idea: North Zagoria

    Would be really cool
  2. thegrowl

    Odd Rocks

    Pretty cool easter egg haha
  3. thegrowl

    Imperial Measurements Please

    As everyone else says, military uses Metric. But if you are really wanting to change, you can just use what @Evil Organ posted.
  4. I was 3 when I was first introduced to violent games, nothing wrong with me. Just be happy that your son has found a hobby, you should support it, maybe even give him his own computer one day ;)
  5. thegrowl


    Pretty cool, could be done with mods tho? Just a retexture
  6. thegrowl

    Argo League / Tournament

    Great idea.
  7. thegrowl


    I do not see why Argo is getting so much hate for the same things that Arma 3 is not getting hate for.