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  1. So, when i give a cruise missile a waypoint. my captain shouts the grid. and the driver starts moving to the grid making multiple cruise missile waypoints impossible. because you can't launch if they're not within some degrees.
  2. So as far as i've gathered the helicopter not being able to land in MP is not fixable?
  3. Achilles and MCC. And again the problem only starts whenever a player gets into the boat.
  4. Nah, having spawned it from zeus it still didn't work. My players got in. A heli tried to land. and it went to hell or something.
  5. So this is the issue: No extra mods were enabled, it happend as soon as some one got into the ship. This is on a non-dedicated INTERNET UPN server.
  6. I found the issue specificly with ships spawned in via MCC. it also made me able to walk on the ship when spawned in from MCC>
  7. Just achilles and MCC.
  8. Can't land on any of the ships anymore with the helicopters… Not the meko no nothing… the boat will sink when touched by a heli
  9. You need to actually enable it
  10. Ah alright, thanks for the clarification. and the missile problem is being looked into?
  11. Alright, what about not being able to get out of the helicopter into the ship, and the ship missile problems? Did the video help explain the situation?
  12. Well i know i secured the helicopter because the action showed up and i clicked it after that the helicopter seemed to have attached to the ship and couldn't fly anymore, no other options came up when i had clicked it like the pictures show. Also i hope the video (dropbox) is enough information for you to see the problem with the anti-ship missiles?
  13. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wpxn1f28cnfogt1/2018-09-27 20-14-46.mp4?dl=0 And also having landed and secured the helicopter onto the ship my buddy couldn't get into the ship: And i couldn't unsecure the helicopter and fly anymore.
  14. 9 o'clock using port side.
  15. So i tried using the GPS 6 Digits again with the anti-ship missiles all conditions are met (coordinates are put in and the right side is selected) i press fire, and nothing happens.