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    I suggested similar on the feedback on discord once. There I suggested to use the Units for Arma 3. But anything to get like logo's on your arm would be cool. I do think the response was that they were not interested for anything like that as of yet tho.
  2. Skenkee

    New mode Feedback

    If anything I wouldn't add cars or some sort. Walking keeps the 'tactic' more in the scope. Also the game mode would come closer towards battlefield. But still. I think I'd enjoy it more than battlefield with the 1 life handicap. :)
  3. Skenkee

    Community Discord

    See that the original server has been posted but posting mine if interested as well as it might be easier to connect and play with the same people. Currently I own a small Discord community server with a lot Arma 3 battle royale players and some are hopping on Argo now as well. Feel free to join and check out. People tend to join in the lobbies when they see someone is in there or message in pm to ask if someone is up for a game. Discord Server