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  1. 3RROR

    How are people level 20+ already?

    wasnt talking about getting score/xp , but of how to win try it and have a look at the progressionbar in the scoreboard. also watch at your score/xp after leaving the circle for a few seconds
  2. 3RROR


    good idea. for now you can use the discord, theres a "looking for group" section https://discord.gg/9d9AkEM
  3. 3RROR

    How are people level 20+ already?

    well leaderboard / current levels started counting on 22nd june 2017. i play this game (prototype) since end of 2016, i believe. so my steamhours dont tell anything about how long it took me. (back then this game didnt even have levels, it had like 5 preset-loadouts and 1 map per gamemode; rotating to other loadouts/maps every small patch) as far as i know the playtime on the leaderboard actually shows the time that ur connected to a server, and since servers kick you after 1min of not moving, it should be pretty accurate.
  4. 3RROR

    How are people level 20+ already?

    1- thats where the "buffer" comes into play 2- the 60 hours are taken from the leaderboard; means its actually time spent playing on servers.
  5. 3RROR

    How are people level 20+ already?

    i do about 4000-6000 points per match of Link (a match takes about 12-15minutes) 60 hours = 3600minutes / 15 minutes = 240 matches 240 matches * 5000 xp = 1.200.000 xp lvl25 needs about 1.050.000 xp, so theres enough buffer to suck a few games :) well, people have to understand that ARGO is an objective-based game. ofcourse you wont get many xp when your only going for killls (in link a kill gives only 70xp, which is superlow imo. 4 seconds in the maincircle are already about 80xp)
  6. its 10 to 100 credits depending on the size of the box
  7. 3RROR

    How are people level 20+ already?

    No. There are 2 Ways to go for a win in LINK : 1) hold main (gives huge xp) 2) make the enemyteam run out of tickets by getting ~10 more kills what i (and the ingame linktutorial) mean with hold main is that you actually have to stay inside the maincircle after capturing it. that way you will get 40xp for every ~2 seconds you stay alive. dont know how you got 170hours playtime without finding out how broken the xp-reward in link is :thinking: thats not a bug, thats how the mode is meant to be played. +dev´s arent talking/searching for a "bug" , they are talking about farmers/boosters (people that abuse the system by just farming xp with their friends / without killing )
  8. Battleye doesnt care about your stats.
  9. 3RROR

    How are people level 20+ already?

    got my 25 in ~60hours of playtime. by doing exactly this
  10. 3RROR


    spawning behind enemybase is just a bug in argo´s missionscripts
  11. 3RROR

    White cassettes

    they give 10 to 100 credits depending on how big they are. gets counted as "loot" in the summary
  12. 3RROR


    ive heard its related to using the auto-respawn , didnt give it "a try" though
  13. 3RROR

    low on fps

    seeing your combination of gtx960M (notebook) and you being able to play fine for 1min until the game slows down, i would say you got heatissues.
  14. 3RROR

    Loadouts - the problems

    this doesnt help. i have 5x the same LIM-Loadout and still sometimes get the damn TRG
  15. 3RROR

    Damn Miss Speak

    they are working on something to make it less annoying