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  1. I know, the update is only 2 hours old and I'm here already complaining... But I don't really see the point in unifying these game modes. Devs said that the player base was divided, but I don't think that is a problem. I could always find a server to play, any time of day. (EU - Raid - normal) I always played normal (no hud, no teammate identification, etc), because it requires more attention to the game, and I feel more immersed. I know I can disable it, but then there will be other players with the HUD on. Don't think it's fair, really... I like to think that the guys I'm playing with are in the same situation that I'm in. If the devs are worried about TK from new players, maybe restrict "normal" mode to lvl 3 and above? (or another lvl you see fit). That way, new players will have some (forced) help in the beginning and can learn the mechanics before going no-HUD (that would also help higher lvl players to not get frustrated from beginners TKing) And pls fix the minimap. If the minimap works right (all live players showing, dead/kicked players removed, etc), it would a very useful tool to ID friends/enemies There should also be an option to change the zoom on the minimap. In Raid, the zoom is too far out. If there is a friend on the other side of a wall I can't see him in the minimap (check Battlefield games, they have a zoom option for the minimap) I don't know... This is just my opinion.. I just got sad when I joined a match and saw friendly player names on the screen... The immersion, the tension, and fun I had before the update went down the drain...
  2. Don't know if it's the same issue, but I'm having a lot of problems today. Can only spawn with one loadout: TRG... Can't open "Equipment" area. Message says something about not being able to connect to the cloud and to check my internet connection. After a few rounds trying to make do with the TRG, I finally got my loadouts back. Didn't notice that I spawned with 0 bullets, got killed rly fast. Next round, spawned with TRG again... Was it a temp ban? I confess, I TKed 2 guys on one round, before these probs. Completely accidental... :( How long is a temp ban?
  3. No solution? Am I doing something wrong? Any way to make it work mid-game?
  4. nunbar

    Loadouts - the problems

    This also happens to me. Only play on official servers, mostly EU. I guess if you configure all 5 loadouts exactly the same, you won't spawn with a basic "default" loadout, but it sucks (haven't tried it though, just a thought....)
  5. nunbar

    EXP Not Being Rewarded

    Same here, no XP or currency with a blank screen in the end, like the video posted above. It has happened in about 20% of the matches, only counting the ones that I start from the beginning (ie, not joining in the middle of a match) Only play on official servers, mostly EU. It has happened both in Raid and Clash. I didn't get this bug before the launch. I started playing at the end of May and didn't have this bug before the 22nd June It's really annoying because XP and currency are the only way to get better weapons. If I spend 15 or 20min in a match and don't get any XP in the end, it gets frustrating fast...
  6. Hi. If I'm in the game and try to change the sound output (alt+tab then change from speakers to headphones in the windows sound configs) the output doesn't change. Even if windows sound setting is configured to headphones, the sound still comes from the speakers. If I leave the game and start it again, then it works and assumes the new sound output. Any way to make this work? It works in every other game I play... Thank you.