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  1. WELCOME TO THE OUR UNIT POST Link to the 14th Marine Regement Unit : https://units.arma3.com/unit/mrg14th Link to the 14th Marine Regement Unit Website : https://14thmarineregement.jimdo.com/ We in the 14th Marine Regement are looking for players who love Milsim, Multiplayer Mission and more. We have our own teamspeak witch is very well made with custom icons/tags that you get when you have been accepted after an easy interview of why you want to join. Currently our Unit is very unpopulated but it has been popular before. It's not populated anymore since it shut down last year but we are now opening it! By joining the 14th Marine Regement Unit you will have an ingame patch on you're Right Arm with our logo. You will have access to our teamspeak3 and channels that belong to the members. (Training room, Mission Room etc..) WE WANT YOU TO JOIN! We want as many people to join from all around the world that can attend our events and others. We want to grow and have a nice community that people like! Everyone can join but you need to follow the listed rules. RULES 1. 16+ years old. 2. Own Teamspeak3. 3. Download Task Force Radio for Arma 3/Teamspeak. 4. Be polite and have manners & respect to others. 5. Not spread hate or racist/nazist things. 6. Willing to play on upcoming events. (Not all we understand if your busy) 7. Have a decent mic that works and understandable. 8. Having fun and feeling comfortable with other players. Jump on our teamspeak/comment on this post or send me a email over at : melkerornberg233@gmail.com if you are interested in joining! Kind regards MSgt.Melker (Owner and Founder of The 14th Marine Regement Unit.