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  1. I cant somehow Edit my own post u can also reply Here if u want!
  2. Hello Reader! Our Community "Gamertruppe" is searching for a English speaking Group/Clan for a Coop mission. When Will it Happen?: We got 6 Possible dates that can be Discussed after the first meeting: 26.05.2017/ 19:00 ( Time zone UTC+1) 27.05.2017/ 19:00 ( Time zone UTC+1) 28.05.2017/ 16:00 ( Time zone UTC+1) 01.06.2017/ 19:00 ( Time zone UTC+1) 01.06.2017/ 19:00 ( Time zone UTC+1) 01.06.2017/ 16:00 ( Time zone UTC+1) Duration of the Mission: we expect 2h-4h The Mission: -There will be 2 teams 1 British airborne (English speaking Squad) and Fallschirmjäger Regiment (German Speaking Squad). -Also there will be a Squad with 2 Pilots (1 Luftwaffe and 1 R.A.F.) that are forced to work together -each Team will get targets that they have to accomplish if not there will be consequences later in the mission. - later on, the British and German squad must work together to accomplish the last Goal. -1 Week before Mission start there will be a PDF document with all the details u need for the Mission also a Small briefing The Situation: Russian Troops took over a Vital part the Island Panthea and forced NATO Troops to retreat. NATO wants to get the Island back. While USA is preparing the Amphibic Invasion of the Island. the two other Participants of the Invasion are the British Airborne Division and Germanys Fallschirmjäger Regiment. They are being tasked with holding and sabotaging Key Position near the Landing zones while the US Troops are establishing the Bridgeheads. There will be more Details in the Upcoming Briefings and Documents. The Target of the Event: -We are making this Event to put some diversity in our Mission -Multicultural Event of English and German speaking players. (how must it feel to fight alongside with a German Squad who curses and the only word u pick up is "Schwein") -Also FUN -We are aware of the language barrier but that makes the fun of it, if your comrade only understands NATO Language. Mods: -We use ACE,CBA, Taskforce Radio , ACEX, Cup Terrains CORE, Island Panthera, Suppress, Russian Armed Forces, Cup Terrains Maps. -we will prepare 1 week before the Mission a mod package that can be downloaded via Steamworkshop. we will try to turn it down with the mods for ease of play -There can be small changes in the Packages but we will not change anything 1 week prior to the mission date (except Mod Updates of course) -also 5 days before Mission start we will Upload the Mission for a Technical check for the individual Players. -2 days before Mission start we will have a persons in TeamSpeak for Technical help/Support for individual Players if something is wrong with the mods. What do i have to bring with me: -the Minimal amount of Player you have to bring are 6 (Reqiured:1x Squad leader, 1-2xMedics, 1 Expert for explosives,) -Medic need to understand the ACE Medical System -Expert need to know how to use Explosives in ACE - You can Bring a pilot with you but its optional -Pilot need to know how to fly the new Jet DLC Plane(Gryphon) and have Basic Knowledge about the CAS 9 liner -Also the Pilot has to com e 1 hour earlier for Coordination with the 9-liner -Maximum player you can bring are 10. -Good Mood to play with Guys that only 1 out of 4 has real English Knowledge. :-P Rules (Those rules are for all): -All Players Understand Basic English -Age of all Participants is at least 17 years ( no Exceptions) -Respect to other players -Microphone and TeamSpeak are required About us: We are a small German 10 Members Community that plays Arma 3 for at least 4 years now. We are not as Strict as other clans in our regulations but are playing a very Tactical MILSIM. To Contact us you’re welcome to visit our TeamSpeak: