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  1. DeathRoams

    Orbat Problems

    nope still doesn`t work. The devs just need to add all NATO Symbols. And fix their shit
  2. DeathRoams

    Orbat Problems

    I have tried to use custom images as texture and insignias in custom orbat but it doesn't work. Yet a year ago it worked fine. i put it in like this texture="texture"; but it says cannot load due to path or something of that nature yet it is in my folder/mission file. Devs help
  3. Can Anyone help with trying to add custom background and unit icons to ORBAT. I have tried everything even stuff that has been put on the internet the limited amount. It worked last time when i it was like subfolder\pic that was in the mission file and worked fine but now when i come back that doesn't work and says that it cannot find to picture. And the if someone says to go to that stupid KK scripting page i am going to lose it. That is unorganized and tons of stuff just mashed together and super confusing. All i need is saying so this line of code goes in the description.ext or init.sqf. Please respond ASAP!
  4. DeathRoams

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    This DLC has been some what a waste of my money from the fake carrier(NO HANGER BAYS MAJOR PART!) to the new throttle system that is force on the player. The throttle should be an option in the advance flight mode not force.