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  1. Hey. I got myself arma 2 a while back because I wanted to check out the "real" Dayz. First I had a problem when I entered the game and the screen just went totally black and nothing happened. I fixed that problem with starting the game in Widow mode. My current problem: When I try to enter Options>Video options my game freezes. I tried to enter it inside the game and in the lobby of the server. I also tried to change it when I was not trying to enter a multiplayer server but then I couldnt join any server since it has to be done through launcher(and I can only start game in window). Do you understand my circle of problem? Haha Please help, I really wanna try this game out. Best regards, crazy Arma fan!!!
  2. Oliver Ragnarsson

    Wrong version 1.70 PLEASE HELP!!!

    It is solved. Thanks for the help, again.
  3. Oliver Ragnarsson

    Wrong version 1.70 PLEASE HELP!!!

    Now its downloading 5.3 GB. Thanks alot for the help, and fast answer appreciate it alot. I will write if it is totally resolved when I enter a server.
  4. Oliver Ragnarsson

    Wrong version 1.70 PLEASE HELP!!!

    How do I switch to Main branch?(feel like a total noob haha) Edit: I found out how to do it. It seems like its downloading 5.3 GB now. I will keep you updated!
  5. Oliver Ragnarsson

    Wrong version 1.70 PLEASE HELP!!!

    Hey, Thanks for the answer. I have done both of them multiple times. Restarded PC and steam etc. Tried to start as admin through the steamfolder in C: and yet nothing helps. As of right now im trying to Backup the game to see if that works(Read on steamforum that it helped some situation, not on this patch tho). But im trying anyways.
  6. Oliver Ragnarsson

    Wrong version 1.70 PLEASE HELP!!!

    Edit: The only difference is that I did a CClean last night before I went to bed and in the "Advance tab" "Windows event logs" and "Custom files" was checked for some reason.
  7. Oliver Ragnarsson

    Wrong version 1.70 PLEASE HELP!!!

    Edit: I own Apex, DLC Bundle 1, Helicopters, Karts, Marksmen, Zeus
  8. When I start Arma 3 without any mods and try to join a King of the kill server I get a message after a while that says: Connection failed. I then looked at the server browser and Koth servers have a red cross to the left of them, saying I have the wrong version. I then went back to Main menu and there is a message down to the right from "Spotrep" which linkgs to the Devblog about patch 1.7. My game version is apparently: Launcher version: 1.5.141155 Game version: 1.68.141559 Branch: profiling Why can't I download 1.7? Is that the problem? Best regards