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  1. Wow can't believe there are no better ways... I guess I'll start looking at some tutorials on how to do step 1
  2. I made a ZEUS mission where I need to spawn multiple AIs with custom arsenal builds. Problem is afer I spawn 1 AI and give him the custom arsenal, when I copy paste him it doesn't copy the custom build. So I have to give the custom build to each and one AI that I spawn... What do I do?
  3. Hello, I have a vehicle with an IED attached to it and a move waypoint set on top of another vehicle, which isn't moving in this case. The waypoint's activation is "bomb1 setDamage 1;" My problem is when the suicide vehicle is almost at the waypoint, it slows down almost to a stop before exploding, and doesn't even get to the center of the waypoint, instead it explodes like 2 meters away from the target. I want it to ram full force, is that possible? I even tried "this ForceSpeed 100;" but it still slows down. Suicide Driver has these lines: this setBehaviour "CARELESS"; this disableAI "FSM"; this disableAI "SUPPRESSION"; this disableAI "AUTOCOMBAT"; this disableAI "CHECKVISIBLE"; And is also set to CARELESS
  4. Could you give an example with all the necessary parameters? Im noob sorry
  5. Yes I meant set waypoint activation, sorry.
  6. Alright so nothing worked, Im sure Im doing something wrong, but regardless, I made myself a workaround/solution. The helicopter: Has 2 waypoints, a land, and a move after that. The squad: Has a move, that's synced with a trigger that activates once the helicopter is inside the trigger area, after it triggers the squad is told to get in the heli, before it lands, which gives them time to tell the heli to stop and wait for them to get in. Basically the squad gave orders to the helicopter which makes this all work. I dont know if it would work if I was the leader. (The heli and the squad are 2 different groups so I dont even know how they can give orders) PS. It seems the group doesnt give the stop order to the heli if they are "Careless" or with enemies in sight Scratch all that, it's inconsistent as hell, I found another solution, sync the land waypoint to the get in waypoint. Thanks for your effort guys
  7. Removed the get in waypoint, and named my group "_group" and the chopper "_chopper" didnt work, or do I have to name them something like group1 and then replace every "_group" in your code with group1?
  8. I think I would notice that :P I now also saw that the chopper doesnt go to the next waypoint, it instead starts flying towards it, but the "Get In" symbol that was on top of it changed to "Stop", at which point it comes back, lands, waits for us to get in, and proceeds to the next waypoint. Note that Im in a group of 3 soldiers, and I'm not the leader, and no enemies nearby. Also the driver of the chopper has the following lines. this setBehaviour "CARELESS"; this disableAI "AUTOCOMBAT"; this disableAI "CHECKVISIBLE";
  9. Hello, thanks for the reply, here is the situation I did EVERYTHING exactly like 7erra said, but instead used your code on step 3. (I didnt change anything in your code) When the helicopter lands, in chat it says "Chopper or Group dead, aborting function", and just proceeds to the next waypoint.
  10. Basically I have a car moving slowly and I want a fire squad to follow it and shoot at enemies at the same time, but I dont want them falling behind or running to cover, I want them to stay behind it max 10 meters, is that possible? PS. The car never stops even with enemies around.
  11. 7erra's solution works, except the helicopter doesn't wait for the squad to get in. Do I have to edit the condition he gave me? I am willing to see your way of doing things, @Grumpy Old Man, using scripts, the reason I wanted to use triggers and waypoints is because it's easier to remember if I try to do it again or in a slightly different way. PS. Please give me a simple tutorial/guide or where to start learning these kind of things, I would like to make my missions a little more fun
  12. Helicopter wont land, even with a heli pad.
  13. Hello, Im extremely new to the trigger side of the editor, hope I can still post here.. I want a squad to hold until a helicopter arrives, at which point they load into it, after thats done the helicopter proceeds to a waypoint. How do I do that? Please keep it as simple as possible... no scripts.... PS. any simple tutorials you recommend?
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    Make only driver behave safe?

    Sorry forgot Careless was a thing. /thread