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  1. I see. Dang. I take you are currently not considering to change that system? One could just emit a warning to everybody who is roughly in the missiles direction and has LOS. I figure that would already work pretty neatly.
  2. By design? Why would the system not warn about these rockets? How is it even supposed to distinguish them from others?
  3. On the RC build there seems to be an issue with the tank's missile approach warnings. In my tests it did not detect any RPG and Vorona missiles.
  4. Does anybody know where I can find an explanation of the vehicle status icons (the ones below the health indicators)? Most symbols are easy to understand but for example this one - I've no idea what it's trying to depict:
  5. wallside2

    Tigris / Cheetah

    Ah, interesting. But I still feel that if AA can't use its radar to monitor the airspace for fear of detection, then it loses any advantage over a simple manpad. True, although I imagine once the passive radar gives you a pretty good idea where the AA is located you will find them after some searching. Can hardly hide in a forest if it wants to remain effective. Does this also mean there are no radar-seeking missiles (ARM)? I like snoops213's idea of increasing the AA platforms missile range. That would force players to employ NOE flight / countermeasures when approaching radar sites until they get into (their own) weapons range. Also is there a reason why they should not have passive radar?
  6. wallside2

    Tigris / Cheetah

    Hey, I just played around with the new sensors in 1.70 RC and noticed that Tigris/Cheetah pose zero threat to attack helicopters (did not test planes). Since the AA platforms rely on active radar, enemy aircraft can locate them using passive radar from very far away and then simply snipe them with a missile from above their maximum weapons range (which seems to be below 4 km). In result they seem just worse than manpads. So I wanted to ask: Are they still being worked on or is the situation supposed to stay like this for the final 1.70/Jets DLC?