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  1. ARussianCat

    TacOps Server

    I'm always up for playing :)
  2. So i recently saw that CWA had a brand new unnofficial patch called Arma Resistance,me being the great fan of Cold War Crisis i installed it launched the game and got this.
  3. ARussianCat

    23rd Realism Regiment

    Is there any other realism regiment still on Cold War Assault/Cold War Crisis anymore?
  4. ARussianCat

    Dynamic Afghanistan

    What do you think is the best dynamic mission out there and can you link me it? Sorry for asking too much dude.
  5. ARussianCat

    Dynamic Afghanistan

    Thanks man also why does the Lybia Dynamic mission tell me i need ''DMA_Lybia'' when i have clearly installed but with called ''Lybia_256'' and it leads me to the Desert Island crashing the game should i rename the file?
  6. ARussianCat

    OFP Addon request thread

    You're a beast Zulu,thanks.
  7. ARussianCat

    OFP Addon request thread

    So i tried playing the Toyota Wars mission but the only error i get is this ''missing addons: DMA_librdm'' what is this addon and can someone link me to it? Thanks.
  8. ARussianCat

    Dynamic Afghanistan

    Hey dude after sometime i decided to try Toyota Wars i even found the entire pack but the only error im getting is this ''missing addons dma_librdm'' what am i missing here?
  9. ARussianCat

    Dynamic Afghanistan

    Dude you're a beast i've been playing all day long this dynamic mission just because of you is there any other SP Dynamic Mission would you recommend me?
  10. ARussianCat

    Dynamic Afghanistan

    Hey dude appreciated for everything it fixed most of it but im getting ICP error for the RPG7 and the russian weapons can you get me the link for Russian Weapons Pack 3.2? EDIT:After some time looking for it i found the 4.0 version no need Zulu thanks!
  11. ARussianCat

    Dynamic Afghanistan

    Thanks dude its appreciated but unfortunately it didnt fix anything ''No entry'config.cpp/CfgVehicles.jjr_rebelCO''' 'if (!SP then |#|"{goto ''terminate''}else{CoC_Server)''logic'' createVehicle 0,0,0 _noCoCaddon true Error !: Type Number, expected Bool'' I was not able to get the ones from a mission since it just crashed i cant really find most of the addons for the Afghanistan mission here are on expired links i was really excited to play this and things got in the way :/
  12. ARussianCat

    Dynamic Afghanistan

    Thanks my man sorry for being too much trouble i will try it in a few minutes what does that exactly contain most of the addons needed?
  13. ARussianCat

    Dynamic Afghanistan

    It would be appreciated if you could get me all the addons,i tried playing the dynamic mission and in a defend mission my game just crashed when enemies started spawning and a bunch of errors popped up.
  14. ARussianCat

    Dynamic Afghanistan

    Thanks dude but i cant really find all the addons for the Afghanistan Mission in this thread,the version for the Russian Weapons pack cant be found neither the RPG7 one.
  15. ARussianCat

    Dynamic Afghanistan

    Do they require any addons?