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  1. Why can't i get the AddScript_Unit.sqf work on the dedicated server ?? It works fine when i run it on my local computer, both in editor and as a server, but when i try it on the MP Dedicated it doesn't work. Any idéas ?
  2. Hi. This is my first post, i usually try to search first, but i have found nothing to help me about my problem. I have a Hostage script that i found here in the forum. Hostage script by DrCox1911 , It works well, but on to my problem. When i start the mission on a dedicated server, my player character starts in the same position as the hostage and begin to untie him. It only happens when i play on a dedicated server, if i start a server from my game, it plays fine. What do you need to see, to begin to help me ?
  3. I have the same problem! No slots for players, and both the server and mission has the same mods. ??????
  4. Brother_B

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    Are you using this call line in a sqf script or from a trigger ? When i try to spawn the fillhouse script from a marker called Dot(cap_pos_marker) it generates an error in script "_center" is not defined. I'm using this call line: nul = [cap_pos_marker, 2, true, 1, 10, 1, "default", nil, nil, 5, ["all"]] execVM "LV\fillHouse.sqf"; Am i missing something vital ? I'm using a Hostage-script where a hostage is spawn randomly using markers as a spawnpoint. I would really like to have the fillhouse script spawn a couple of soldiers as a guard-team together with the hostage. Any ideas ? /Bengt