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  1. AdamAb44

    "Reset" a trigger

    Worked just perfectly. Much appreciated, thanks alot!
  2. AdamAb44

    "Reset" a trigger

    Thank you for advice as well! Firstly, I thought I will have the same problem with too many things as I described in my answer to pierremgi (variables in that case). In this case though, I ran into a problem in which I had to have too many lines saying: trigger_1 setTriggerStatements ["player in thisList", "[ thisTrigger ] call TAG_fnc_ActivateTarget", ""]; trigger_2 setTriggerStatements ["player in thisList", "[ thisTrigger ] call TAG_fnc_ActivateTarget", ""]; etc... in the addAction of the laptop. The way I dealt with this is that I simply grouped the triggers into an array and then used "_x ... forEach". However, there´s another issue I don´t know the solution to: for activating the targets in the function I use the code: target_1 animate ["Terc", 0]; target_2 animate ["Terc", 0]; etc... The problem is that once I put all these into the function the trigger calls, all the targets pop up when any of the triggers activate, not only the one, which I want. Is there a way where I could use this function for all the triggers but where I could also determine that trigger_1 should only pop up target_1, trigger_2 pops up target_2 etc...?
  3. AdamAb44

    "Reset" a trigger

    Thanks for the advice! It works perfectly, the only problem I found about this is that when you have 30 triggers connected to 30 targets (each trigger controls 1 target) you have to set up 30 variables (for each trigger), which is a little time-consuming. As I´m no lazy-man I am OK with that (even though I don´t know the impact on performance of the game due to it´s engine...).
  4. Hello, I am making a CQB shooting range, in which I use triggers to pop up the targets. How it should work like: 1) you spawn in the mission, all targets are down 2) you come to the trigger´s area, which activates and pops up a target 3) you continue going through the shooting range and activate other triggers popping up other targets 4) when you finish, you can come back to the beginning of the shooting range and "press a button" on a laptop for a shooting range reset (button is an action added via addAction command) Now I am running into problems with the trigger activation. If you set it to non-repeatable, you can active it (and pop up the target) only once in the mission. If you set it to repeatable, the player could walk back and forth causing to pop up still the same target, which I do not want to happen. The idea is, as described in step 4), the triggers are non-repeatable, but once you finish the shooting range and come back to the beggining to "press the button" on the laptop, they will "reset", or however you might call it. Any idea on how to make this or design it in a better way?
  5. AdamAb44

    [Script] - Moving Target

    Hello, tried it with the execVM as f2k sel said. Even though it´s not working for me. Anyone has thoughts about possible issues?
  6. Hello, so I am using the Game Logic for a while now, but I wonder, what are the other things for under the Logical Items tab? Anyone knows how to use any of them? I was going through internet up and down, but no answer popped up for me... Thanks for any help! Cya on the battlefield.
  7. AdamAb44

    UAV Briefing / Intro

    How can you make the marks moving along with for example some unit? In my establishing shot I have a vehicle leaving the area. The mark for this vehicle spawns right where the vehicle is located, but it doesn´t move with the vehicle, it just sits in there. Any ideas?
  8. AdamAb44

    Establishing Shot

    Anyone solved this yet?
  9. Hello, I would like to make a campaign made of few missions, in which I use several custom made things, which are common for all of them (textures, insignias, etc.). The problem is that I don´t know how should I define the path to these files in the DtaExt folder in the campaign´s decsription.ext. Anybody got an idea? Thank you!
  10. Hello, so I tried out donelsarjo´s intructions with my own variables etc., but there seems to by some problem with "[]" brackets. Did it work for anybody? Thanks.