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  1. Uh, i would give more information if i had more, i shall make a youtube video as an example i will post here when i make it
  2. @icebreakr Please fix the sound issue where it sounds wood footsteps on certain terrain
  3. clarkycal

    Battle Eye Not starting

    Solution: DO NOT use the new arma 3 profiling options @dwarden Opting into the arma Profiling does not allow you to join servers, you get the following: "Battleye is not enabled. Restart the game to enable it?"
  4. clarkycal

    Battle Eye Not starting

    Since the update of arma today i can't join any server aswell, i get "Battleye is not enabled. Restart the game to enable it?"
  5. The only problem i'm getting is it's constantly disconnecting from the masterserver
  6. First of all i'm sorry if this is the wrong please to post for this specific question/request Let's say i have vehicles all over the map, is there a script that marks every vehicle on the map so i can see the position of each vehicle. Or is there an all round admin menu that has this feature along with others (I know Infistar has this exact feature but i don't wanna pay.) -Cheers