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  1. Woah. I need to update or something. I was just testing the mods so I wouldn't get stood up like this (thanks Firewill) and it still happened. It's odd that in the dev build I was clocking in at 8km max on the radar. Maybe you made changes? Regardless, thank you. Funny cuz I was reading the changelog for F-15 then I saw that I got quoted by the creator... Irony
  2. Thanks for clarifying it's changeability regarding the code. And the active defense seems to be coming way too late to be "interesting". Hopefully the tanks DLC brings a load more content over active defense because there's a lot of long-awaited features modders are struggling to create for our enjoyment. MODDERS.
  3. I'm excited for this update. I just have a few things in mind: IRST(For Russian fighters): Should be implemented so that CSAT fighters are capable of more "down-to-earth" approaches as they should be. This would give CSAT fighters (the Shikra at least... for now) an appealing stealth factor while still having effective detection. From the looks of it, all vehicles with radar will have the ability to mimic IRST by turning off their radars and looking for heat signals. The Shikra's radar should have a larger detection range for infrared signals... to simulate differences in technology! Modifiable radar ranges: This annoyed me the most. The F-14 Tomcat(mod) was absolutely terrible when it came to taking down targets at long range... because it couldn't search for them at long range! I'm not into the modding biz yet, so I don't know if there is a way to bypass the range of "Ex-Long"(If you know please tell me) Regardless, radars shouldn't differ in just efficiency, but in range as well. I want to be able to prepare to fire a missile at a Buzzard before it even comes into infrared range of my FA-181. Sadly, Bohemia will need to mop up some code to make radars more "wonky" and inefficient so they have a sense of diversity, but that's alright. A fair ground radar...finding infantry: This bit concerned me. It sounds like all vehicles get a heartbeat sensor from Call of Duty and can just flop around looking for the nervous ants hiding from fate. Hopefully, this is one of the most ineffective radars to be implemented. Maybe if the soldier just got shot... Or they just finished running for a mile and need a breather... Eh I don't know how that would work. It's 2035 though. "Tracking" heat signals probably exists by then... or just in game? A fair ground radar... for helicopters: This sensor sounds so dangerous that an AH-64 Apache could easily sit behind a hill and take down a T-100 (which would be much harder but these tanks are seriously SERIOUSLY naked to the bone with features...). Let's not forget about SPAA weaponry. I've never seen a Pawnee last a few minutes around enemies... but it may just have a chance now. I find that... displeasing honestly. The "fire over Valhalla" feature was fine in Arma 2 but... that FELT more realistic... Arma 3 takes place from a questionable date (2035) with all factions getting the weakest amount of bare-bones content I have ever seen. It's 2035!! The helicopter radars should really only detect targets that can be seen by the crew inside (with a range boost to be fair A.K.A. "BVR") to prevent ATGM spam to defeat any enemy. After that data is acquired, regardless of who acquired it, THEN the helicopter should be able to engage from behind obstacles. I wonder if AI will be able to participate in this... Any of this seem ridiculous? Agree? Disagree? I would like to know. Thanks for reading.
  4. Warlordz

    Jets - Hitpoints

    This is some good stuff. My concern though, is that Bohemia will still slack off when it comes to the actual points of penetration from the shrapnel. If a missile hits, because of it's bland and "super-simple" damage system, the aircraft will receive random malfunctions instead of them being accurate to what got hit. Let's not forget that a tank just had to fire at one engine on a jet to render the pilot dead. HOPEFULLY Bohemia adds a "Ricochet" system to jets (and tanks before the DLC even comes out because... logic) so that jets can survive more gunfire; heavy or light. I also want Bohemia to add spasms after taking damage so that even with the HUD flickering or dead, the jet continues to face malfunctions like thrust decreases and failed(or forced) weapon discharges. Would be cool.