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  1. Who Are We? The SOF Tactical Realism Unit is a relaxed milsim unit that strives for the best we can do during every operation while having a great time and building friendships with other members. The SOF is based off of the structure of a USMC MEU but allows the members of the unit to become MARSOC qualified as they progress through the ranks and complete various amounts of training. What Do We Do? During modded operations held by the SOF, we do various types of missions that our S-3 staff creates. These range from town capture, intelligence gathering, combined arms, and even stealth operations. With an active and imaginative command staff and S-3 staff, each and every mission is unique. Unit Schedule Monday, Tuesday, and Friday: Public Operation at 1900 EST Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday: Modded Operation at 1900 EST Requirements You must be at least 16 years old. Must speak fluent English Must have a working microphone or VOIP device Must have Teamspeak 3 installed A willingness to learn A level of honesty and integrity about yourself How to Join Join the Teamspeak and join us in a Public Operation. Website: SOF Homepage TeamSpeak3: sofrealism.com Public Server IP: Email: sofrealism.a3@gmail.com See you on the battlefield! PFC.Bear.B S-1 Adjutant
  2. Squad name: SOF Tactical Realism Timezone/location : US EST Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): COOP Contact email: sofrealism.a3@gmail.com Website address: sofrealism.comShort description: Relaxed Milsim, Coop, missions all week.Language: English