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  1. Hello My name is , SMA Woods I am looking for members to join our milsim on arma 2 oa So we can fill in our platoons currently we have 2 platoons and need people to start filling in roles we have many types or MOS to choose from. Our training days and opp days are Saturdays 1300 GMT and once we complete our training we take a break then we go straight into opps but since we consist of 2 platoons times will change so all players can play as we do understand that in some countrys there are big time differences if you want to join add my steam profile http://steamcommunity.com/id/Thevacisalie/ ^^^^^^^^ Then provide Your reason of joining Or you can join our teamspeak eu3.freets3.ovh:4306 and poke ME or supreme and tell them you came here from the forums or tell them i sent you . Thank you for your time i hope you can join me on the battlefield
  2. I need help with my TFR it only seem to happen on the teamspeak i play on it doesn't move me to the TFR channel i tried reinstalling TFR completely still not work it works on other teamspeaks just not this maybe this could help Task Force Radio Status (0.9.12):Connected Y Play Y P:0.9.12 A: << I do not have the 0.9,12 like the other players there on ts there's works fine it should look like this -- Task Force Radio Status (0.9.12):Connected Y Play Y P:0.9.12 A: 0.9.12 but it is not please help thank you