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  1. Hi we are looking for someone to create some custom buildings for us for our new up and coming server. we are creating a new map and need some models made i hope someone can help.
  2. Could you give me a idea what would it cost for a custom shop and a custom casino?
  3. Hi i wonder if someone can help i have been following this, when i go to open buldozer and this is the error i get https://gyazo.com/4727f2e83b96d0a5e614f4c0ab535c46
  4. Hi i am starting a new community and we have all put time into doing scrips for our server now i had a thought today and decided that i wanted to make a custom map for our server now i am not sure were to start iv only used x cam to edit other maps and that is it im not sure on how and what i will need to do. I would really appreciate if there is someone who can help or point me in the right direction. If you are a map creator and would like to talk to me to participate in the project or point me in the right direction i have a teamspeak im always in. ts-theukalliance.co.uk Thanks i hope someone can help!
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    Creating a new map

    @Moon_chilDThanks mate ill check it out now.