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  1. Having issues with an Arma 3 server cluster - some users have no issues at all seeing the server and connecting - other users can't find them - some users see one not the other. Any Help would be appreciated - if you need more details for diagnosis let me know what you need. Server 1 Arma 3 - Exile - OCP Server 4 Arma 3 - Exile Server 1 Ports are set to 2402-2410 UDP - Local and Remote Server 1 Process - Set All All All Server 4 Ports are set to 2442-2450 UDP - Local and Remote Server 4 Process - Set All All All Running Windows Server 2012 - All firewall rules are mirrored UDP Internal & External In the regular users its an insta list on Favorites and Recent On Semi Issue Users - No Favorite or Recent - shows in Server list - Internet Search from the Arma 3 Launcher and on the Problematic Issue Users - its not even showing up in the internet search after 6000 servers.