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  1. i suppose. Im fairly new to modding and setting up servers in exile so this was fun to tackle. I believe it was.
  2. I tried with pawnee, still nothing. gonna try jet or 2 to see if thats will work. I know RHS Mi-24 works with the script on non exile server. Edit: Tried editing wipeout, nothing. Edit #2: Got help at exile discord. Had to change some things around into this: Works perfectly now.
  3. So i kinda got it working on exile server. Player can access the menu from both laptop and the trigger area but changing whats on pylons doesnt work. Script says things were changed yet they stay the same. I can change the livery of vehicles (tested with RHS Mi-28 only). I added all the commands used by remoteExec into cfgRemoteExec but its still not doing anything. I cant find any errors in the .rpt except Scripting function 'gom_fnc_handleresources' is not allowed to be remotely executed which showed up before i added anything into cfgRemoteExec. Id love to get some help with this :P It was a lot simpler to install on non exile server :D
  4. Ever thought about converting it into a small mod? It could work perfectly for militarised exile servers, allowing players to customise their jets.
  5. Aintence

    Unlocked Uniforms

    Any chance for this mod to be turned into server-side only mod? It is so small it would annoy any new players who would try join the server :(
  6. Any chance for RHS support?
  7. Always thought it would be sweet to use train to get to rad island. Today with release of this i finally can do it :D
  8. Just tested it on exile server. you can get in the train, you can see the train is accelerating (bottom right) but the train itself is not moving. Seems to be server desync issue
  9. HYYYYPEEEEEEE. Will it work on exile servers? Cant imagine the amount of fun i will have with this :D