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  1. Hauptmann_Gondola

    UI Fix in editor

    Please, PLEASE for the love of god, consider ordering the editor's FILE dropdown menu in the following manner: New Open Save As Save Thus saving everyone the grief of accidentally clicking "save" and overwriting anything by accident, instead getting a prompt. Thank you.
  2. Hauptmann_Gondola


    I have absolutely no idea as to how anyone is getting the equipment pool module to function properly. No matter what I do, I am stuck with loot piles, bandits, friendlies and the player himself (upon using the [player] call rvg_fnc_equip in debug console) from the base game only. 1) I am inserting the classnames like this into the boxes; ["classname1", "classname2"] WITH a space in the middle, copypasted from a word processor. I have tried it without the spaces as well. 2) Despite having RHS enabled I have set RHS equipment pool as "none" or "equipment only". 3) I have tried running it in SP and MP, to no avail. 4) I have tried limiting and allowing arma 3 vanilla content. The worst is upon inspecting the .rpt error logs, I can see this regarding the equipment pool custom overrides; 18:34:05 Error in expression <[“arifle_KA_SKS_F”, "hlc_rifle_g3a3(xE2)(x80)> [THE xE2 AND x80 SHOW UP AS SMALL BLACK BOXES WITH WHITE TEXT INSIDE WHEN SEEN ON NOTEPAD++. IN ADDITION, IT WAS TYPED AS [“arifle_KA_SKS_F”, "hlc_rifle_g3a3"] IN THE LOOT SPAWN FIELD. 18:34:05 Error position: <“arifle_KA_SKS_F”, "hlc_rifle_g3a3(xE2)(x80)> 18:34:05 Error Invalid number in expression 18:34:05 Error in expression <[“arifle_KA_SKS_F”,"hlc_rifle_g3a3(xE2)(x80)> 18:34:05 Error position: <“arifle_KA_SKS_F”, "hlc_rifle_g3a3(xE2)(x80)> 18:34:05 Error Invalid number in expression 18:34:05 Error in expression <rvg_vanillaLimited = true}; if !(count (_customWpn1 + _customWpn2 + _customWpn3 > 18:34:05 Error position: <_customWpn1 + _customWpn2 + _customWpn3 > 18:34:05 Error Undefined variable in expression: _customwpn1 18:34:05 File \ravage\functions\modules\fn_init_gearPool.sqf [RVG_fnc_init_gearPool], line 37 18:34:05 Error in expression < ["ai_remoteZeus_m", false]; It seems like either the last patch hasn't really worked. I've tried downloading / deleting / clean reinstalling Ravage from both the steam workshop and the direct download link...
  3. Hauptmann_Gondola


    I have been having extreme difficulty expanding the lists of equipment that AI units spawn in with; currently I am trying to ensure that the AI spawn with the majority of RHS uniforms and weapons. None of the information regarding modifying loot lists / AI equipment lists seems to be up-to-date or functional at all.
  4. Hauptmann_Gondola


    Haleks, would it be ok for me to try and find out a way to incorporate the food items from WarfareThai into ravage? I suppose I could try figuring it out myself for a bit. The WThai items have functions that clash with Ravage's things, but either I can try finding a way to undo these functions. I don't think creating new items in Ravage's .pbo with their assets would be 'legal', unless I can find anything that says otherwise in WThai's permissions (which unfortunately, is in Thai.) I don't think getting the items to spawn would be the issue (just adding them into the proper gearpool list would be sufficient), but I was thinking perhaps adding a debuff to WThai's food items would be a workaround...