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  1. ASR AI3 was the culprit! Thanks for the help stanhope! Cheers, Jolly
  2. JollyFE

    ASR AI 3

    Is there still a need for this Mod??? I noticed it hasn't been updated in awhile, so just asking.
  3. Yes...all were except C2...
  4. Here's the list stanhope... Mind you not all are loaded at any given time. Only ones that are generally loaded all the time are ACE, ALiVE, CUP & RHS.
  5. Yes, running mods...But they're mostly common ones: ACE, ALiVE, CUP, RHS, etc. EDIT: So after playing without any MODS loaded, the labels went away. But now...which of these bloody mods is creating these labels???
  6. Has anyone experienced "stopped" or "moving" labels that Identify AI?? 😒 (Note "stopped" in the picture below. If so...how did you get rid of these labels??? Aside from being annoying & making game play not at all realistic, it is dropping my frame rates something fierce! Thanks in advance! Cheers
  7. Hey, it's a new mod...not to mention a very good one! That's rather rare these days. Not to mention, Everyone gets excited over the "shiny new" thing and eventually want more! Its the circle of ArmA-life.
  8. Quite an impressive Mod 'Sgt! Especially the aerial refueling. Any plans to add an HH-60G/W to the mix?? Cheers, Jolly
  9. The Marine variant (aka VTOL) with a USAF mod?!?! 🤨 > Cough, Cough< >Ptew, Ptew< 🤮💀 Sacrilege! 😁😉
  10. Anyway to restart the helo after you've exited it?? I had to make a forced landing, and since it was not close enough to the repair HEMITT, I had to drive the HEMITT to the helo. It repaired just fine, but I could not restart. Perhaps is this a known issue??