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  1. That's a workaround that shouldn't even be required, but much appreciated nontheless, thank you.
  2. I know it's an old topic, but then i don't use vehicles in ArmA if i can avoid it. So happens now that i have a port of the CWA campaign and there you actually have to command tanks, and that "direct-control-'feature' is just driving me mad. Tell your crew to keep formation, works fine until you accidently touch your mouse or somehow just cause a slight change in you commanders turret/view. Same with waypoints, or even traversing along a fight... this novelty gameplay arcade is a major pain in the butt. PLEASE, at least give me an option to get the original way of tank ops back, i am not a CoD-kid. P.S.: Also the chassis turns away from the sight, and since the actual positioning of the tank is no longer shown in th HUD you get confused as to what "forward" or "backward" now even mean, because as you look around and try to issue targets and fire commands the driver turns to where he thinks you are looking, but just not... Oh my gosh i could make this list endless about what enrages me so much about this, just the fact that i am forced to go into 3rd person (not always an option by the way!!!) to realign my tank makes me so ***(/)§$%&)=(/Q§&$%***....
  3. Hi, so i recently un-pbo-ed the original 1985 (CWA) campaign and attempted to port it over to ArmA3 with CUP units. After replacing all units in the mission.sqm files with their respective CUP or BIS counterparts i loaded the mission files up in Eden and everything looks good in there. But now comes the weird part: In the second mission i have the squad commander (AI) sitting as passenger in a truck with the squad, a squad member (also AI) is at the wheel. The waypoint is set 800m away and when the mission start nothing happens. Everybody is just sitting there, the scripts are firing correctly and the scripted conversation is actually running as supposed to. To find the mistake i actually took out the entire squad from the truck and that made them move towards the waypoint on foot. Placing the squad back in the truck and moving the leader to the wheel also caused the truck drive there normally. Using the original driver will cause one unit to disembark while the truck continues towards the waypoint - this only works if i took out and placed back the entire squad in the truck again. The mission starts with enableRadio = false, which switches back true after the script has ran through. Now while this might easily be avoided by simply placing the squad leader at the wheel it annoys me because it changes the original state of the mission, and it leaves plenty room for error with other AI commandeered vehicles unless i find out the EXACT reason why the game malfunctions this way in this situation. So, any suggestions and ideas or even actual knowledge would be much appreciated.
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    Arma 3 Banned by dev?

  5. You'd basically have to create a small addon with a weapon(/ammotype) that utilises the throw mechanic (/weapon) already present in the game. There used to be a similar addon in the good old days for OFP. ("Gimbal Tossers" was the name i think) You might use cobbles or other small objects found in the game as models actually, the addon mentioned used TV sets, vodka bottles, and stones. Just need to link their models as grenade ammo and define their damage values and sounds.
  6. Thanks for picking up the old CoC systems, much appreciated.