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  1. Requires 85% of team to do this. Sadly you only get 50% of your team who vote kicks if you're lucky. Current system is seriously broken. Not to mention alot of new players come to these servers to try out / gain experience in the game, and don't know how to use's the vote kick / vote admin features. For new players joining the Arma community, if this is what they see as a first glance I would not be surprised if they refunded the game due to, "First impressions are lasting impressions".
  2. Name and shame is the only thing left to do at this point. OAS and Rhino are the guys who have been doing it all week, (Rhino changes his name daily).
  3. Currently on your Official End Game server USA 3, is being targeted by trolls who have been on the last week constantly team killing everyone. Your anti greif system is none existent on your official servers, which is really shocking to say the least. This issue was raised a few months ago by myself and a few others. It seems you have no intention or no interest with your official servers to combat such behaviour. Banning the individuals would also be a step in the right direction. Could you please fix this issue. A simple script that would instant ban a player who has more than -6 kills?
  4. A few bugs that may help the dev team that i've found while playing the "Eng Game" mode. Random Spawn location bug (Spawn in the wrong chosen location). Auto change class on respawn bug (If you die as a class that's not maxed out the game decided to give you a random class which is extremely annoying). Data package at Boat location on the beach on Feres does not show on map for at least 1 min before it suddenly is lootable and visible on map. When repairing sometimes it takes 2-4 repairs to fix modules that are damaged. Whichever dev thought it was a good idea to have explosive charge as the 1st choice option for the engineer middle button, should be slapped. As you always end placing it when you try to open doors or interacting in general. (Not a bug but a QoL issue that needs addressing!) Vehicle physics are seriously broken. Tanks blow up when they nudge cars / quad bikes or sometimes fly 30ft in the air in all sorts of messed up ways. If theres any that I have missed out please add them below to this topic.
  5. This issue requires it's own topic due to how rampant team killing now is on the Public servers. [The vote kick function] is not working when the whole team vote kicks a player, you also can spam the button and it repeats the text chat "Name would like to kick User" which seems stupid to have this msg repeat itself more than once in the chat log. [Report player function] Ok, I will admit i'm new here and can't see where I would report a player ingame when they are either cheating by spawning multiple tanks and transports let alone for someone who is racking up 50+ team kills in a effort to ruin everyones fun. Make one visable either on the menu or map. By doing nothing you are supporting this style of trolling on your servers which is not a great way to lure or keep people from playing your game. Your Anti cheat system clearly needs up dating aswell as i've been in several games today where we had people spawning 100+ Zamak transports trying to throttle peoples systems.
  6. Basardius

    Disaster at OFFICIAL servers after 1.60

    I suggest you come play the only populated US server End Game mode and see for yourself. I'm going to name and shame because hes been doing it for the last week, you should hear the voice coms when this guy is on spraying all friendlies. The guys name is I think it's out right crazy how BI doesn't have a auto ban function inplace for things like this, (on their offical public servers that is for the very least). Yep and now everyone on Bluefor has left the game, (along with most of Opfor). As you can see he team swaps. :S Please ban this / these players. Top highlighted server is the one. PS; look into your Votekick system it's clearly broken / not working as intended. Also add a "Auto ban" feature with high team killers, to remove this incentive in the first place. I'm honestly sorry for my tone if it comes across extremely negative, the fact that people can abuse this in the current games form is only letting people like myself continue to moan on this forum.
  7. Basardius

    Disaster at OFFICIAL servers after 1.60

    Except it does not work, we had the "whole team" vote kick a player and nothing happend. (aswell as a few of the otherside). I was told in voice coms it's overridden.
  8. Basardius

    Disaster at OFFICIAL servers after 1.60

    I have you tool, you can't votekick people teamkilling everyone because it's disabled on the "Official servers" you complete tool. And yeah I will call the devs out if they can't implement a system that kicks out players who have +40 team kills. This is a running joke of the game.
  9. Basardius

    Disaster at OFFICIAL servers after 1.60

    Please get off your backside devs and bring the Vote Kick option on your offical servers for End Game. The fact you have people abusing team killing constantly shows how stupid the person who made this desision in your office really is. Why don't you test features before removing / adding them?