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  1. Few more updates this week. The last for a little while as I'm hoping to move us over to Arkensor's Persistence Framework if that becomes available soon. - Updated to work with Reforger v0.9.8.53 - Gun dealers now sell mines - Jobs must now be accepted (or declined) - Added: Import legal items from ports at wholesale prices using the vehicle menu - Added: Can now buy garrisons at FOBs using the flag - Added: Radio towers now effect support of nearby towns - Added: Can capture radio towers by killing the small garrison there - Added: Battles for cities and towns will now trigger with high support
  2. Been many updates, heres a highlight reel of the patch notes: - New: Build a medical tent at FOBs and captured bases. Can heal there. - New: Can set home to FOB and captured bases - New: Can now use the Resistance screen to send money to each other, donate funds to the resistance, set officers and withdraw from resistance funds as well as set a Resistance Tax. - New: The occupying faction will now send specops groups to known targets and these may trigger a battle to retake bases you've captured. - New: Garrison soldiers at captured bases (use the flag) - New: Place a small indoor lamp for light - New: Build Vehicle Maintenance Ramp at FOB/Base - New: Repair any vehicle at the above ramp (Hint: Open main menu within range of ramp) - New: Upgrade the M151A2 to add a turret - New: Recruit gunner to man vehicle turrets - New: Civilians now walk around the towns - New: Buy, sell and rent houses and warehouses - New: Gun dealers now sell weed - New: Weed can be sold to civilians walking around for a profit - Added: Vehicle menu (Shift+U) - Added: Can store and retrieve items from/to bought or rented warehouses using the vehicle menu Plus lots and lots of bugfixes, including anything mentioned above this post
  3. The original Overthrow in Arma 3 would detect and try to use modded weapons but this is much less possible with the new Enfusion engine. As far as I know there is no way to do a blind detection of modded content currently, and it was also a giant pain to maintain that kind of code in the old overthrow and keep everyone happy with their own special collection of weapon mods and provide a balanced experience. However.. it is possible to mod any weapons or items you want into Overthrow yourself using the Reforger Workbench and its actually really easy to do. We do plan to release "compatibility mods" for the most popular mods/collections (ie RHS, ACE or whatever else is created for Reforger/Arma 4). We also invite anyone to release compatibility mods themselves for whatever items or weapons they want. We will concentrate on the vanilla experience as a marker for balance and implementation. Jump on our discord and hit us up in #reforger-support. I'll be happy to guide anyone on how to mod Overthrow.
  4. From our discord (link in OP) Dev Report #5 Not going to tag everyone in this update as there isnt much to say. But just a quick update as to how everything is going. At this point the mod is in a pretty stable state (thanks to everyone for reporting bugs!) and is somewhat playable for maybe a few hours, but it's also approaching the limit of what can be done with the current state of content in Arma Reforger. In order for Overthrow to move well into the mid-game and beyond there are some key things missing from the platform: Commanding AI soldiers AI Driving Civilian clothes & vehicles Helicopters and AI pilots for them Just better AI overall, right now the AI in Reforger is in an early alpha state Mods can sort of solve some of these missing items but we want Overthrow to work completely on a vanilla install for a lot of reasons. So for the near future I will be slowly adding some other small features that come to mind as well as fixing any other bugs that come up, but will need to wait for Bohemia to address some of the gaps mentioned above before we can really push things to the next level.
  5. Yes thank you! Pushed a fix for it a little while ago.
  6. Well it's been a while but I'm back! I have been eagerly awaiting access to the Enfusion engine so I could start work on a new iteration of the "Overthrow" series. This time it'll be bigger, better, and have way more less bugs. No idea what Overthrow is? Just check out the Original Arma 3 Mod, this video of Spiffing Brit getting rich selling bananas or one of the many forks/versions that have come since (shouts out to Overthrow Plus and Overthrow WW2!) Existing Features: Working Save & Load! GTA style wanted system. Be a civilian until you're not Town support and stability systems that react to your actions An economy with shops that sell you legal items and black market dealers that sell you pistols/grenades Capturing villages by raising support there Manually place FOBs, sandbags and plenty of other stuff Map bases populated with soldiers of any defined faction and upgraded with checkpoints, tower guards etc using a resource system that reacts to how much of a threat you are Capturing bases by triggering a QRF event and winning the battle Fast travel to any FOB or captured base Fast travel between bus stops Heaps more Links: GitHub: https://github.com/ArmaOverthrow/Overthrow.Arma4 (instructions here to get super early-access via the Enfusion Workbench if you want, or to help out with dev!) Wiki: https://github.com/ArmaOverthrow/Overthrow.Arma4/wiki (design and concepts are being developed here) Discord: https://discord.gg/j6CvmFfZ95 (check out the #overthrow-reforger channel and join the discussion) This thread! post your ideas or what you loved/hated about the original I am aiming for this version to be completely and easily customizable and extendable via the Enfusion Workbench, so you can make and release your own special snowflake version of Overthrow on any map with any modded assets you want and put it on the workshop just by setting it as a dependancy, dragging in some entities and then configuring them as you see fit. Note that Reforger is still missing a lot of things that a complete Overthrow experience will need (ie AI Driving, aircraft, civilians etc) but we hope that BI will provide these in good time, and there's a lot to do in the meantime 😉 Hope to see you all wanted and running over soldiers to steal their gear in Everon real soon..
  7. You can see how I use it here: https://github.com/ArmaOverthrow/Overthrow.Arma4/blob/f7e86e3bac17498adde069ba9829cbe37293ccc8/Scripts/Game/GameMode/Components/OVT_TownManagerComponent.c#L67
  8. Just want a way to spawn a vehicle on the nearest road, pointing in the direction of the road.. a very simple thing to do in Arma 3 but seems impossible in Reforger. running a "QueryEntitiesBySphere" and looking for "RoadEntity" comes up with nothing (I believe these are only in the world editor)
  9. Hi crazychris, the AI in overthrow will revive you using ACE if they have epinephrine. VCOM AI (included) also added suppression mechanics for both the player and AI in a recent update. ACE is heavily integrated and would require us having to provide many of it's features ourselves if it was no longer a required mod. Also the only people who seem to complain about it being required are those that have not tried the mission yet ;)
  10. v0.6.9.2 New: Ferry services between islands, ask your local boat dealer New: Stealth perk, avoid NATO searches Tweaked: You are now wanted in a battle zone. Full stop Fixed: Compatible with Arma 3 v1.66 Fixed: Various bugs and performance issues Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=774201744 Direct Download: https://github.com/jabberzac/Overthrow/releases/download/
  11. v0.6.7 - Improved: VCOM AI updated to v2.8 - New (VCOM): Suppression mechanics - New (VCOM): Adrenaline mechanics - Fixed: Items inside backpacks, vests or uniforms would be lost or duped on transfer/export etc - Fixed: Binoculars would not be removed on export - Fixed: Objectives would not trigger QRF - Tweaked: QRF win/lose conditions - Fixed: Could not clear bandit camps (you will now be notified) - Fixed: AI would leave helmets and some other items while looting - Fixed: More spawner bugs/memory leaks - Fixed: Bodies would despawn too quickly - Fixed: Various other bugs Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=774201744 Direct Download: https://github.com/jabberzac/Overthrow/releases/download/0.6.7/Overthrow-0.6.7.zip
  12. v0.6.6 Fixed: Menu would not show unless you were in the 3rd slot in MP Fixed: Some units were not despawning when out of spawn distance Fixed: Could buy/lease walls etc Tweaked: Rents were raised to be more viable as an income Improved: Bodies will dissapear from map when looted Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=774201744 Direct Download: https://github.com/jabberzac/Overthrow/releases/download/0.6.6/Overthrow-0.6.6.zip
  13. v0.6.5 is now the latest... bringing this thread up to date with changelogs: New: Headless client support Improved: Better distribution of AI bringing more performance improvements to multiplayer Fixed: P99 and static backpacks could not be purchased from dealers Fixed: Shops and home furniture would not spawn on some dedicated servers New: Various new icons for the map Improved: All existing icons Tweaked: A town is now considered "Anarchy" if the resistance has no police present Fixed: Icons not showing in various situations Fixed: "Sell 1" and "Sell All" would sometimes take other items Fixed: Tax/Lease Income would stall if you had buildings leased Tweaked: All rents and buy/sell prices Improved: More optimizations for spawner and dedicated servers Fixed: Could transfer items into flags, buildings etc Fixed: Killing NATO and/or crims would count as kiling civilians Fixed: Major bug in spawner would cause shops and other things to not spawn New: NATO now attacks from multiple bases and by land as well as air New: Dead bodies show as icons on map New: Owned vehicles show as icons on map Tweaked: Crims now prefer AKs a lot Improved: More performance improvements in all areas for SP and Dedi Fixed: Headless clients would not get a slot (lobby is back) Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=774201744 Direct Download: https://github.com/jabberzac/Overthrow/releases/download/0.6.5/Overthrow-0.6.5.zip
  14. v0.6.2 is now live. - New: Headless client support - Improved: Better distribution of AI bringing more performance improvements to multiplayer - Fixed: P99 and static backpacks could not be purchased from dealers - Fixed: Shops and home furniture would not spawn on some dedicated servers Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=774201744 Direct Download: https://github.com/jabberzac/Overthrow/releases/download/0.6.2/Overthrow-0.6.2.zip
  15. v0.6.1 is out now! - New: 'Procure' vehicles at warehouses and controlled objectives. Just press Y. - New: Procure civilian air vehicles at controlled airfields - Tweaked: NATO presence is now stronger at airfelds - Tweaked: Controlling all NATO objectives on an island will drop stability on that island fast - Tweaked: Removing all criminal camps on an island will raise stability on that island fast - Tweaked: Tax income from controlled towns was increased - Improved: Rewrite of spawner, huge performance gains across the board - Fixed: Various items would not display in warehouse - Fixed: Various small bugs Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=774201744 Direct Download: https://github.com/jabberzac/Overthrow/releases/download/0.6.1/Overthrow-0.6.1.zip