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    A Question About AI (In Vehicles) Following Roads

    Sorry to reply a bit late but i had to travel for Thanksgiving Day. I will look for the speed adjust in the Waypoints. I will also try just putting 1 MOVE Waypoint at the beginning of a road and 1 MOVE Waypoint at the vehicles destination using the speed adjust if i can find it and see how that works. 11/26/2016 :: ---> i placed a Medical Truck on a Stratis road nead the main airfield with one MOVE Waypoint about 50' on the road ahead of it. I then placed the next MOVE Waypoint.at the Radio/Microwave/Transmission Towers on the mountain top.. I'm making a mission that defends these transmission towers so I started the mission and after about 10 minuets the Medical Truck arrived. Therefore, i guess I won't need lots of Waypoint MOVE markers anymore. However, i still can't find on the Waypoint Attributes any options to adjust ant vehicle speed. Can someone please tell me where to find that option?
  2. Deathrow Bo Dean

    A Question About AI (In Vehicles) Following Roads

    Thank's for Your replies. I notice that the AI moves very quickly to it's appointed destination. How do i adjust the vehicle traveling speed on the road?
  3. Lets say that I want a vehicle driven by an Blurfor AI to drive from the main airfield on Stratis to the Old Outpost (about in the middle) of Stratis. The way I now do this is: I place Waypoint (Move) markers on the road i want the driver to follow at almost every turn (bend) and intersection along the road. It works but I end up with lots of Move Markers. My question is: ---> . Is there a better way to get the Ai controlled vehicle to follow a road without having to use lots of Waypoint Move Markers?.
  4. !Thank's for the Reply ineptaphid; I did not express my problem a clearly as I could have. But it seems that this ERROR is not affecting the pandas nuke mod. There is another nuke mod that mabe uses some of panda's older script that somehow conflicts. I removed all the traces of both mods and reinstalled panda's latest refurbished nuke mod for Arma3 from (Steam). I still get the ERROR Msg but It's working again. !SOLVED
  5. Yesterday I started getting this ERROR--> bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/DestructionEffects.side' I have no idea just what to do to fix it. i did validate my gamefiles with Steam and no problems were found. i've added no other mod or addons and this just started yesterday. I'm having trouble with panda's nuke trying to destroy a nuke transport that stopped working yesterday after working fine the day before. i uninstalled that and reinstalled it and i still get this Error even when panda's nuke mod was not installed. Please Help...
  6. I'm looking to find a simple Nuke mod or Script that will work in the current version of Arma 3. i've found some demo's and some mods i.e panda's etc and watched quite a few youtubes but have not found a nuke mod that can be placed in a Vehicle that works. I had panda's nuke working until Steam updated yesterday it and now i can't get it to work again. There are some nuke mods that use aitcraft but I just want to somehow place a nuke on a map and trigger it off. I tried the ported nuke mission from here:---> https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/160930-arma-iii-nuke-script-port-from-arma-ii/ But after i installed it it does not show up for me anywhare (SP.MP or in the Eden Editor).. If someone out there has one or can point me to one i'd be in their dept. Please help.
  7. Deathrow Bo Dean

    Need Help to Cross Ref a Weapon & It's Ammo w Eden Editor

    !Thank You, !Thank You, !Thank You; RangeCreed for this help. I was only looking for someone to point me to a tutorial or something to help me figure out how to use the Bi Interactive wiki to cross ref, But, You took the time and effort to help me solve my problem. I will try to use Your answers when I get home tonight and reply back... Next Day Follow Up on Reply from RangeCreed. ------------------------------------------------------------- I added the lines you gave me to my custom loaout script and 'IT WORKS' REAL NICE'. I've been trying to do get this weapon and it's ammo in my custom loadout for three weeks. When i was adding the lines You found for me i got worried that it had the wrong type of ammo. The .338 NM 130 Rnd Belt (130/130) was to be replaced by the 130Rnd_338_Mag (Magazine). i said to myself "How can i use a 130 Rnd magazine instead of the 130 Rnd Belt? A 130 rnd mag will be very long but maybe it's 130 Rnd Box magazine?" I was about to change mag to belt but then decided to use Your lines first.and it worked. A BIG !BRAVO to You RangeCreed from DBD. !SOLVED
  8. Deathrow Bo Dean

    Help Understanding AI & Vehicle Ammo Refill & Reloading

    Yesterday I played a custom mission made by me on Stratis that has my Arma Apex team fighting some of Ryan's Zombies & Demons. I also have a few ammo boxes some Nato for light weapons and a few Vehicle ammo boxes. I'm the squad leader and as a Bluefor Officer (player). I'm driving a Humvee with 5 crewmen one of them is on the mini-gun.. When i heard them say "out of ammo" i drove over to one of the vehicle ammo boxes and hit the 'i' key to see the items menu for the vehicle ammo box shows but it did not reload the Humvee. I then pressed 'F2" with the mouse wheel button to select crewman #2 and pressed '6' and one of the options were to switch to #2 I pressed that and switched to # 2 crewmember. some reload commands for the other crewmen started to run. I could not get back to being #1 squad leader. I don't know if the crewmen reloaded or if the Humvee reloaded. I did try to repeat that process but no luck in the reloading. What gets me about this is that reloading is not 'Rocket Science'. Many games have simple reloading features of vehicles and men. There should be some sort of very simple 'Reload All' feature in Arma 3. if i knew how to program or script i'd try to make one. However, i'll keep trying to figure out just how to reload my AI and vehicles. "Never Give up Never Surrender"
  9. My custom loadout currently has this weapon & ammo listed on a script for the player's init window. ---> this addmagazine "30Rnd_65x39_case_mag_Tracer"; this addweapon "arifle_TRG20_F"; this addPrimaryWeaponItem "acc_pointer_IR"; this addPrimaryWeaponItem "optic_Holosight"; this addPrimaryWeaponItem "muzzle_snds_H"; ---------------------------------------------------------- However, I'd like to use this weapon and ammo.instead ---> LWMMO (Sand) Medium Machine Gun Caliber: .338 Norma Magnum .338 NM 130 Rnd Belt (130/130) Accessories Trijicon ACOG Bipod (Black) [NATO] (I got this mg and ammo listing in-game when I hit the 'i' key to inspect my inventory. But it's not the correct way to list them on a script. ----------------------------------------------------------- Where can I find the ( up to date class name listings)for the above items? i.e, the correct format for the player's init window? P.s. I don't know how to use the config thinggy in the Eden editor yet. All I know how to do with it is pull it up and look at it. I really don't want to use it if I can find a up to date list with all the gear and weapons/ammo to use.)
  10. I have just downloaded this:---> \[WIP] Von Quest Industries - H.A.L.O. System from Armaholic. I aslo downloaded the C-17 and I need to get some answers about using Your Mod. 1. Is this mod the correct mod to use. i see some mentions about the "Spook War Com" mod and I'm not sure if i'm suppose to abandon this WIP Von Quest Industries - HALO System and use "Spook War Com instead? Can You please clear the confusion about that? 2. If I'm to use this ( WIP Von Quest Industries - HALO System) where in the download package is the test map? 3. i don't have a C130 only the C-17 so do i just name anyone of them? There are about 15 C-17s in the C-17 download 4. Where do I download the C130 if i need to use it other-vise the C-17 will do ? 5. I do not find any test maps in the Demon-Jumper\ HALO System (download) 6. Do i need another addon for the 'Jumpmaster'? If so where do i get that? 6. Is there a youyube tutorial for this mod?
  11. Thank's hcpookie; Last night I re-checked out the Arma3 controller interface and discovered the rest of the configuration thinggy in the 'Options Menu' that You suggest. I was really trying to figure out how to control the C-17 Globelmaster when i found it . There were a lot more listings for controls, and at first, I did not see any "AIRPLANE" tab but after checking it out closer I found the 'PLANE' configuration ('AIRPLANE'). I set my configs, and I was able to take off from the USS NIMITZ's deck and fly around just like in the youtube Nimitz F-18.trailers. I was surprised at how well the F-18 flies. I did not see any option 'FIRE' button to assign but there my be one in that interface there someplace. Thank's Again for Your help....DBD .
  12. I found this ----> -->to answer my ? !SOLVED
  13. Deathrow Bo Dean

    Jetpack v1

    Very Nice & Sturdy Jetpack. I have a Jetpack addon on my L4D2 Dedicated Server and it's a big hit. The L4D2 jetpack uses the space bar and the middle mouse wheel button to fly so your hands are free to use all weapons. Your jetpack looks like one must use his hands to fly so please attach some machine or mini guns with a cross-hair to it when You update. Those 2 large bolts on near each of the shoulders may be able to hold a machine gun and a rpg. P.s; Can You please give me some step by step instructions so I can fly it. I have it installed ok but can't find it to use it. the use instructions You give are very Skimpy and Thin.....
  14. Deathrow Bo Dean

    Help Understanding AI & Vehicle Ammo Refill & Reloading

    HeroesandvilliansOS; I'm stil can't get any vehicle to reload or get my AI men to reload. I'm gonna try to get these reload thinggy,s to work on my system over this weekend when I'll have more time. i'll reply back.
  15. !Hello All; i'd just like to know what or where do I find the keyboard or joystick controls for the F-18. I can launch off the deck of the USS Nimitzt with the 'shift' key but i can seem to make it go up, down, right or left. I can fly the Helicopters with my Thrustmaster joystick very well but see no airplane configuration options in Arma 3 for it. Please help..