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  1. Vass.

    Invade And Annex Iron Front

    Yeah cheers for checking it out man!, ive been giving it a tad less attention as ive got exams in a few days but hoping to get a good player base over then next few months!
  2. Vass.

    Vietnam Multiplayer interest?

    oh awesome guys ! keen to check em out!
  3. just launched a Invade And Annex Iron Front server! learnt how to use the custom iron front units for OPFOR and is working very well. me and my team developed a custom video intro to get players in the spirit of WW2 also included TFR and CBA_A3 on the server keen to hear some feed back and some discussion on peoples thoughts of iron front being used in this way, (using IFA3 btw) if you wanted to check out the server, me the teamspeak here - : ts3.syd.wombatserve.rs:10281 : http://steamcommunit...id/VassStavrou/ : - iron front server IP any feedback is welcome!
  4. G'day! what country were you wanting to host the server from?
  5. looks awesome mate!, keep up the great work! looking forward to seeing massive battles across the channel!
  6. Vass.

    Why are we still running ArmA 3?

    i agree slatts, like yes its been a long 3 years, and its looking like there is at least 2-3 to come of arma 3, but since the game is very open to outside modding and development, it doesnt put an expiry date on the game. i can say that the dlc and addons that BI have put into the game have made arma into a truly amazing world, on both the development side and on the battlefield. i payed only around $30 for arma and have got more content/friends/happiness that a $30 movie ticket could ever give me. so i tip my hat to you BI and all you've done for this community. looking forward to the next arma 3 dlc and how it evolves the game even further.
  7. Vass.

    Development Blog & Reveals

    i reckon your pretty spot on, i would not be surprised futuristic large hovercraft, i want to see some sort of large aircraft carrier. but with the state of the game engine, i dont see it possible or playable in arma 3 without a lot of work done to the engine and the models.
  8. Vass.

    Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    will be interesting to see what the guys in Amsterdam do with it!
  9. Vass.

    Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    you can see the new map they are talking about in CUP Maps , would be great tho with new textures edit: sorry this is Malden dlc
  10. Vass.

    Invade And Annex Iron Front

    right now it is on the Poland map Staszow, yeah ill definitely get onto that!
  11. Vass.

    Invade And Annex Iron Front

    No but that's a great idea!! thank you!!
  12. hi all was thing of starting up a Vietnam server using unsung mod was just wanting to get a feel the communities approach towards this mod and if there was a place for it in the multiplayer community i would aim to develop a PVE server, so invade and annex style but in Vietnam. if anyone has any suggestions/ideas please feel free to add!! :)
  13. Vass.

    Water, Water & Water

    i feel like navy is a big aspect that the Arma series could bring to their player base. however i just see a lot of bugs/issues coming up with it. we can already see the issues in the current watercraft, and the mods do do a great job , however are buggy at times. i would love to see the game engine be adjusted in arma 4 to allow for water combat. having massive frigates and carriers, with jets taking off would be sweet, having air/land/water would make the arma series the true top of army simulation
  14. i agree, having a more intelligent AI, and a better way to control them in both zeus an on the ground would be great
  15. Vass.

    Development Blog & Reveals

    i hope they add a advanced flight model to the Jets, and more use for controls inside the jet, eg radars/screens. im assuming these Jets are going to be futuristic so might even have some new technologies, guided bombs, stuff like that. a co pilot would also be cool for something like that.