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  1. 10th Mountain Division 10th Mountain Division, 1st BCT 1-32d, is a realism community that bases its gameplay off the US Army, focus mainly on the 10th Mountain Division. We use authentic tactics, and weapon systems, currently used by the 10th Mountain Division and implementing those into ArmA. We like to consider ourselves a “Tactical Realism” group, we use all jargon and tactics without the formal part of other milsims. Our goal is to provide members with a well-structured, professional and enjoyable experience which they will want to return to each time. When do we play? We host a variety of events, although our main event is hosted on Saturday and we get on the server at 13:00 PST and begin at 13:30 PST. We host a second event on Sundays, Where we do Troop Training, We get on the server at 13:00 PST and again, begin at 13:30 PST. Training / Career Options Our training program at 10th Mountain Division is a fairly straight forward program, but may impose a slight learning curve for some new and veteran players. We have a well written training handbook that our members can refer to at anytime about everything they learned in training. We have plenty of career options for players including, Teamleader Rifleman Auto Rifleman Grenadier Medic Designated Marksman ect. How To Join What are the requirements? 16 years old. Own a working copy of ArmA 3. Own a working Microphone. If you pass our requirements, join the TS below and join the "Waiting for Recruiter" channel, a unit representative will join you as soon as possible to cover any and all questions and Interview you as soon as you are ready. Teamspeak: ts.10thmountaindivision.us Forums: http://10thmountaindivision.us/ Signed - CW2 B. Anglin
  2. Hello and welcome to New Life Gaming. Firstly let me say that it has taken us months to stick to and idea and to get it to our liking. Now it is your turn to tell us how you would like it. We are a Lakeside - Jackson County based community with so many ideas it sets us apart from the rest. Currently we are in demand for: - Police - DOJ - EMS Custom events include: - Races - Zombie Apocalypse - Bank Truck with a cash prize Website: newlifegaming.co.uk TeamSpeak Address: TS.NewLifeGaming.co.uk A community which offers a great roleplaying experience, it's not like your other servers where you find yourself getting robbed 24/7. If you register on our website & comment on this post you will receive +50k in-game money! We already have a small player base but we feel making this post would be a good idea too let people know about our server. Thank you and we hope to see you soon.
  3. As the title states I'm looking for a well rounded developer. I currently run a community for ArmA 3 Life Roleplay and it's not anything special per say. It's using the usual, Altis Life framework that's heavily edited and really not ideal. If you're still interested at this point, my idea is using a modular framework called RPFramework and from what I've seen it runs pretty well performance wise. I want to develop a whole new server using this framework. I'm looking for a custom user interface that I'll design using Photoshop, and a few custom modules that are pretty intense in the sense of how complex they are. If you're at all interested in working with me, you can contact me through private message and I can give you my Steam and TeamSpeak.
  4. Framework is actually pretty nice, if only I knew what I was doing!
  5. 10th Mountain Division United States (Multinational Players Accommodated) CoOp recruitment@10thmountaindivision.us 10thmountaindivision.us Short description: The 10th Mountain Division is a US based, multinational milsim community. We’re based around the US Army’s 10th Mountain Division, we are a mature group of gamers and realism enthusiasts. We have a multitude of rules, ranging from basic infantry to more specialised support roles. We operate with organization while enjoying the game. Language: English Only