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  1. Psyfox314

    Automated medic?

    Mate you are an absolute legend! Tested it out and it worked perfectly! Just want to say thank you so much for the help man. learnt alot about XEH and CBA from that! If im able to test it the full mission on dedicated servers ill let you know it goes. Cheers again!
  2. Psyfox314

    Automated medic?

    Ive followed your steps as above but sadly have not been able to get it to work. :( description.ext //You are right about B_medic_F being correct. class Extended_Init_EventHandlers { class B_medic_F { // SoldierEB is for EAST side, for WEST use SoldierWB, for INDEPENDENT use SoldierGB init = "(_this select 0) call fnc_createMed"; }; }; functions.sqf fnc_createMed = { params ["_unit"]; if !(getNumber(configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf _unit >> "attendant") == 1) exitWith {}; private _playerGroups = []; private _players = playableUnits + switchableUnits; {_playerGroups pushBackUnique (group _x)} forEach _players; if ((group _unit) in _playerGroups) then { null = [_unit, units (group _unit)] execVM "scripts\automedic.sqf"; }; };
  3. Psyfox314

    Automated medic?

    Ah no worries,my bad. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/df1b21wssml1oza/AADkKzku5SJDadOj0eyjT8cca?dl=0 That should work.
  4. Psyfox314

    Automated medic?

    Of course :) Its just a basic setup with 3 units (leader, medic, test subject), ace modules (respawn and revive) and mulitplayer respawn settings. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=761301052 does that mean it a postinit eventhandler might work? Thank you! *edited: I would post the test mission I intend to use the script on but alas that would require alot of added content...
  5. Psyfox314

    Automated medic?

    I had a go at entering in the code exactly as it is above to see if they worked but sadly no luck. I also tried it without the respawn settings at its most default with just playable units and the script. Are there variables that i should be adding that ive left out? Thank you again.
  6. Psyfox314

    Automated medic?

    While I was reading through the XEH user information I came across this problem with the making XEH init event handlers run when a unit respawnsIMPORTANT: This feature will only work on the player's unit - AI units that respawn won't have their XEH init EH:s re-executed. (If someone can figure out a trick to identify playable units in a MP mission, this limitation could be removed) You wouldn't happen to have that trick would you? Otherwise I'm trying out your other idea of using the ACE respawn modules init, but I cant figure out how to get it work in regards to the _this local variable. Any advice is welcome :)
  7. Psyfox314

    Automated medic?

    Ahh thats really useful! Im going to go over the CBA. XEH instructions now* and see if I can work it out. Thank you heaps for the direction! cheers. *(if i cant get it to work ill repost)
  8. Psyfox314

    Automated medic?

    Hey thanks for the quick reply! The ai is spawning in using the ace respawn module and BIS respawns for the playable ai and players. the settings are "instant" in the desciption.ext file "respawn on the postition of death" in the multiplayer settings. I usually throw a grenade at the medic for "kill" the unit and then wait for the respawn. (note this is for MP scenarios). Hope that answers the question
  9. Psyfox314

    Automated medic?

    Hey all, Ive been using davidoss's ACE 3 edit recently and its been working brilliantly! Many thanks to bardosy and davidoss! However my scenarios are hitting a snag with the script no longer applying to the unit after it has died and respawned. Has anyone found a similar problem and solved it? Ive been looking for some work around with the addeventhandler 'respawn' but really have limited knowledge in scripting. The work around ive been trying is as follows: unit init: this setGroupID ["Alpha"]; dummy = [this, units (group this)] execVM "scripts\automedic.sqf"; this addeventhandler ["respawn","_null execVM 'scripts\automedic.sqf'"]; I was getting errors regarding line 35 but havent been able to replicate to show in a .rpt file. My guess is that the _null function isnt the correct call but honestly out of my depths to understand. Cheers