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  1. Boyarus

    Enhanced Movement

    The previous version worked wonderfully with Realistic Units Ragdoll, but latest version constantly crashes to desktop. Please fix this! P.S. I don't play ArmA3 without Realistic Units Ragdoll.
  2. Boyarus

    Soviet Armed Forces

    1) VSR-84 Butan (87 and 88 years of release) used in Afganistan - pilots, spetsnaz, airborne and officers. You can see in this video: https://youtu.be/e6bBDWL5X2g?t=1230(look from 20:30) And see photo below (Soviet pilots in Afganistan): spetsnaz - 14 OBpSpN GRU / A Separate Brigade Of Special Purpose (14 ОБрСпРГРУ) famous photo when soldier from 334 SpN "Asadabad Battalion" (KGB) - with captured M16 rifle (look at a beret - butan!) bodyarmor 89,88,90 and pics from art 2) KLMK is modern name Russian version of Soviet KM-P (camo jumpsuit from 60's). From Soviet-Afganistan War no one know camo - "KLMK". About KZM-P - this separate suit with jacket and pants, based on KM-P (used in Afganistan). 3) About covers: anyway, it is a rarity (hand made from old camo) like Chinese chest rig. 4) Motorized infantry, until the end 89 (1/3 weared in new Experiment camo), wore the old uniform of the 60s - not Experiment camo (Afganka) - pay attention to the buttons and no pockets. See photo: 5) And Soviet Belt System
  3. Boyarus

    Soviet Armed Forces

    Not bad, but fix some inconsistencies. About helmets - in the Soviet Army, covers for helmets meet is very rare. Soviet-Afganistan Era - Buthan 88, Buthan 86, Experiment 84 (Afganka) camo VSR-84 (ВСР-84) "Bhutan" (Бутан) with little different color (depends on manufacturer) - only used by officers, air force pilots, spetsnaz airborne and marines troops. P.S. do not confuse with modern Ukrainian parody on soviet camo, also called Dubok - it's not the same. In left - soviet Butan-88 and in right Ukrainian Dubok suit KZS (КЗС), KZM-P (КЗМ-П) or KM-L (КМ-Л) / KM-P (КМ-П) with two types of camo - used by border guards kgb ussr (yellow pattenr), spetsnaz (white pattern), recon(white pattern)and nbc troops(white pattern). KZM yellow pattern - for border guards kgb ussr KZM-P gray-white pattern - for spetsnaz, recon and nbc troops. camo "Experiment", also known as "Afghanka" - look at caps and hats
  4. No problem! https://www.sendspace.com/file/kf0z41Look it my crash log. ArmA3 with all DLC + CBA and UNSUNG Mod.
  5. I have bought all the DLC for ArmA3, including APEX, which works perfectly and never crashes. I suspect that the critical error lies in some features/objects on the maps.
  6. Too many random crashes in 3.0 - 3D editor and in the game - on both maps. No matter if I walk, shoot or fly, the game regularly crash to the desktop. The first time I've run the game with ACE MOD and JSRS4. but later turned them off, suggesting incompatibility. This does not affect crashes. P.S. Vanilla game works perfectly with other mods, without any problem.
  7. Boyarus

    MP - Ravage [COOP - 6] The Escape

    I play with friends 15y time - we can't stop! Very interesting to play! Overall, liked it very much, but would like a little less machine guns and marksman rifles, but more pistols and submachine guns? As well as increase the radius of spawn of units AI, as we regularly encounter a situation where an enemy gang will spawn literally 50 metres in front of the nose. To reduce the number of opponents in the cities because the scale of the massacre and the number of people beyond the edge of the Post-Apocalypse, and recalls the carnage of the Warhammer 40000 :lol: There is also a sentence about the weather - it somehow possible to change slightly? The breaks between the rain to increase on 20 minutes, but more gloomy sky with rain clouds, lightnings and strong wind with big waves on water. I would also like to clearly distinguish between friendly and hostile people - civilians without military equipment, without masks and so on, more civilian equipment, and the raiders - more militarized. Thanks! P.S. You can integrate in your mission optional module - exploding heads from this is addon head-gore-mod and splatering blood form blood lust mod? As well as the module of radio - ACRE2 and Task Force Radio. Need to put the module on the map. Video preview:
  8. Boyarus

    MP - Ravage [COOP - 6] The Escape

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We played for the 5th time and the experience that we received showed that all the cool weapons that we found only for a short time increases the possibility of the player, due to the fact that the ammo for big guns is simply not to find. But, I would like a little less big guns such as light machine guns - which the raiders and the renegades are not so rare.
  9. Boyarus

    MP - Ravage [COOP - 6] The Escape

    Thank you for very good mission! But too many items for 3 players - too many good guns and food. Maybe you reworked this is mission for 2-3 players? Please! P.S. A small problem with the inventory when you pick up or throw items - not infrequently, for long periods of time hanging on their seats, but if I close the inventory and wait for 10 seconds and everything is fine, the items would have been displaced.