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  1. Hey there, I´m using your script for a wave attack mission, but got a small problem. Everything works for my infantery, that I init with this Line : 0 = [this, "DELAY=",[180,400],"DEBUG", "RESPAWNMARKERS=",["m1", "m2","m3", "m4","m5", "m6","m7", "m8","m9","m10"]] execVM "Jebus.sqf"; But when I try the same with Vehicles, they always respawn at their editor location, not at the empty markers that I placed. This is the Init Line of the Group leading Vehicle: 0 = [this, "DELAY=",[5,15],"DEBUG", "RESPAWNMARKERS=",["m11"]] execVM "Jebus.sqf"; Is random spawning not supported for vehicles or do I have to change something up to make it work with them?
  2. I can confirm this. The respawn system is fragile as shit. In some missions, it works nicely, then in others (in my case a free for all DM) only the host can respawn. I did all editing inside Eden and the settings are all correct. It all works, but only for the host.
  3. The Steam Workshop Version is gone, did you remove it on purpose and if so, do you plan on reuploading it some time in the future?