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    Problem Taking Off

    Problem confirmed, couldn't get the Tu-95 to take off from main airfield in Altis, nor in the desert due what seemed like hitting invisible bumps. This probably should go to the mods section since this isn't a problem with the stock jets.
  2. The loiter waypoint is nice, but in Zeus for example, it's practically impossible to get an AI-piloted Blackfish to attack targets since there is no loiter waypoint option. In custom scenarios, it is fairly easy to get it to attack targets with the loiter waypoint, vehicles in particular, but I'm still honestly not sure how to get it to clear infantry effectively, other than scripting its gunners to individually point at and fire upon each hostile unit in the area. I don't expect an immediate bug fix, or even necessarily in the next year or two, but I would comfortably pay $30-100 per year for small ongoing DLCs with primarily just bug fixes for the game. For example, suppose $10 for an artillery DLC which adds an artillery radar vehicle for CSAT and NATO and MRSI capability for the artillery computer in the Scorcher and Sochor (just add the option to select high or low trajectory), along with a showcase mission and some general bug fixes. Suppose $30-40 for a naval warfare DLC with mobile aircraft carriers for CSAT and NATO, plus a CSAT and NATO destroyer and attack submarine, a minor Shikra variant for carrier take-off and landing, a mini-campaign (like one of the Tac Ops campaigns), one multiplayer scenario, and some more general bug fixes. Suppose another $20-30 for a logistics DLC with a civilian oil tanker, a civilian cargo ship, a working dock crane, and a HEMTT/Tempest which can be loaded and unloaded like so plus a showcase mission and some more general bug fixes. This may not all be feasible, but you could easily go for the low-hanging fruit, charge enough to get a decent profit while having money to spare for bug fixes, and let the ArmA community gradually pay its way towards having a better game.
  3. Correction: Either I was mistaken about the searchlight or there was a ninja patch to fix it. It can only be activated from the copilot's seat. It also wasn't activating when I was using setPilotLight to turn on the Hellcat's lights while the AI was flying it. Looks like the correct way to get the AI to use the searchlight is actually "copilot action ["SearchlightOn", helicopter];" with copilot and helicopter being set as variable names for your copilot and your helicopter respectively.
  4. I've confirmed lsd's post. The Hellcat is working again, at least for me as of version 1.76. If you're still having any problems with it, make sure you've set independents to be hostile to whatever faction you're using, give the Hellcat a DESTROY waypoint on yourself, crank pilot and copilot skill up to maximum and see what happens. In my test, the Hellcat easily killed me on its first pass. I updated the bug page with my findings. However, the searchlight does seem to be broken now, and the Blackfish still isn't working.
  5. The above comments (synchronized load and get in waypoints) are the correct way to handle this situation. In case someone else ends up here due to a Google search and has a somewhat different issue which really does need to run on waypoint completion, just be aware that waypoints have an "on activation" section which allows you to run commands just like in a trigger. That's the spot to place things that you'd like to run once the waypoint is complete.
  6. Alright, bug report submitted now that the feedback tracker email system appears to have been fixed. Here's the link to the bug report (WY-55 Hellcat (Armed) fails to attack targets) just in case BIS takes a while and someone ends up googling the same issue months or years from now. If you have any more information about it or a possible fix, please post it there.
  7. I just checked and verified that someAmmo does actually work for the armed Hellcat. I'm still not precisely sure why the AI is unable to use its weapons though. I'm also still unable to submit a bug report since I can't create an account with the bug tracker. I need to get a verification email but I did not receive one, even though I had it try to submit it to me three times. It shows my email address and it's correct, and I've checked my spam folder etc. I think I may end up having to submit a bug with the bug tracker so that I can submit this bug with the Hellcat.
  8. Looks like there isn't a bug report for it yet. I tried to set up an account so I could add the bug report to the tracker and I was unable to receive the verification email. If anyone else wants to try, I did find this bug report which may be related: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T78612 Essentially, someone reported that the Hellcat used to be able to lock on and now it can't, so a mod that they made for it with guided missiles is no longer working. Obviously, the Hellcat normally does not have guided weapon systems, so I can understand why BIS might have taken away the lock-on feature. However, I wonder if returning lock-on ability would allow the AI to use the hellcat's weapon systems?
  9. Bug confirmed, WY-55 doesn't attack anything when it's AI-controlled, even when it has clearly engaged a target. It just circles around endlessly and doesn't bother using the rocket pods or miniguns. I thought I was just doing something wrong, but at least I know to give up on it for the moment and try some other helicopter. BIS, a fix would be very much appreciated!