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  1. Still looking for some kind of fix to this my server has been destroyed by this stupid bug.
  2. Anyone find a fix for this it's destroying my server!
  3. Nickolas Alarcon

    [Terrain] Chernarus Winter A3

    I too am having a brightness issue... what date could I set for the absolute darkest setting? Also is there a way to turn down NVG brightness? Thanks in advance.
  4. I only planned on using your mod for the unit and weapon skins if the vehicles skins work then that's just a bonus. This will still load with vanilla skin if there is an error correct?
  5. @IndeedPete I've been weighing my options on the different uniform packs available for winter (just setup winter chernarus exile server) and it's between you and TRYKs pack. Unless anyone can give me a reason why pete's shouldn't be used I'm gonna go with csat snow tigers and euroforce. Your packs armor and hit points are working and they're just so many more options. Not sure if this has been asked but is there a snow ghillie ever coming to any of theses packs? Either way thanks for your contributions to the community! Nick