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  1. As someone who found this thread 1.5 years later and still has to use this not so easy way of handling the role i am REALLY thankfull for the work you two did. Just as a mention for people who might be here after me and wondering why it constantly shows "NOT SET": You have to change "RespawnRole" to "JWL_respawnRole" in the init.sqf. Everything then just works fine. And if you want the loadoutname instead of the role (cause there can be several loadouts per role) you can still use the _respawncombo from HallyGs second post. That works fine aswell :)
  2. Bren_Silent

    [WIP] Tilos Island - 2016 Version

    Anthariel PLEASE put the effort in your old 2015 Tilos to fix the Sky and lightning. It is one of the most beautiful maps i ever played.
  3. Bren_Silent

    [WIP] Tilos Island - 2016 Version

    Damn i had a notification on this date since he announced it. :( Patience it is then. :P
  4. Bren_Silent

    [WIP] Tilos Island - 2016 Version

    Well it is the 24th... yet i cant find it anywhere. You got a link to download it?