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    ArmA 3 Crashes

    I did verify game files , reinstalled , removed startup parameters and deleted all the old mods that might not be updated for the official update. Verifying didnt work out. And I dont run apex. I think the game fails to find addon files . Appreciate your help though. :)
  2. atseakee

    ArmA 3 Crashes

    I can not start another topic so I'll put mine here as no one else gets the same error as me. After the 1.60 update I started to get crashes when I start up the game. First , While "initializing addons" this comes up => https://gyazo.com/70104c2d00228bdeb065bc5a5d2e701c . I hit the OK and move on then black screen comes and it crashes for the 2. and last time. => https://gyazo.com/1d7224a2e363e32d517a3eeb819521b8 And here is my logs https://www.dropbox.com/s/blqp1zg99l10r45/ArmaReport_Log_20160626T125903_Kocak.zip?dl=0thank you