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  1. Hello im having some problem i cannot figure out how to export objects to my sat map like a forest etc how would you do it?
  2. g50st

    Road int

    im having some problems with the roads :https://gyazo.com/148ba1f571c09b9d834c847359e093fd?token=c296dad5c150c97abd966f30a075ece8 Should i just smooth them in l3dt or would changing any of these help :https://gyazo.com/5790452a606232a1a79c5d3e565967c4?token=c3160c6db9b88ed7a563ae211ffaa3e8
  3. g50st

    Export from xcam

    okk tks got it
  4. Im having some issues im trying to export from xcam some object i export for terrain builder but terrain builder says : https://gyazo.com/545ad0d35c59c59732c40c66eaa1d4cc
  5. g50st

    Map Sizes Confused

    Thanks man ill get back to you if any qs
  6. Hello guys i know you can find alot of diff stuff about map sizes but i cant seem to get it right im making a terrain i would like 10kx10k terrain map but not sure what scale to use like 4096x4096 or 2048x2048 x 10 cell or something im a bit confused can anyone tell me the efficient way to make that type of map
  7. Hey im having some problems with compiling my map its been a while since i have done this and forget what to do and cant seem to find the answer error: class santry_BigFallenBranches_pine: DefaultClutter In File santry\cfgclutter.h: Line 3 rap: missing inheritence class(es) rapify failed. View->output (santry) clutter: https://pastebin.com/57A5cbPn
  8. Hello i am having a big problemw ith my server every since 1.68 i cannot update my server to that version. I have tried countless times in steam cmd and it updates but not fully or something i made a new directory for my server and tried to update it there but arma3 server will not install and it still doesnt update. My sql is fine and everythign was they way it was my forewall is diabled and ports are opened.Please help My rpt : https://pastebin.com/21QjCzjA
  9. Im having a problem lets say i just turned on my pc and i try join my server witch is online :https://gyazo.com/d3027615bfd8cbb60c7967cb798813c7 it will launch the game but it will not show up in the server list or will get stuck :http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/170413924441859218/E0A07FD3DF5173BA2305A8543FA56358780E12B8/ until i login to the remote connection using remote connect to connect to server files ect . Then it shows up and i can join PLEASE HELP IM using OVH but they take years to reply I have disabled my firewall and opened ports 2302-2305
  10. Hey would love to see new players join this up and coming community Server status: Online Map: Chernarus Website: http://armareality.org/ Server ip: name: Arma Reality Exile Chernarus |Deploy Bike|+loot|Virtual.G|25k|missions|Custom Staff: 4 Admins (need more) Come and play :)
  11. yeah sorry thats what i mean em im ingame and wondering if making a higher res sat image fix this http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/492401650182124174/6F4F457BCF3571A912D44AAA297704237F8FA7CE/ the textures are just a blurr until your close then its just a texture of grass_green
  12. ok so exporting as 1024 is fine and resizing it
  13. ok what size would i export a hieghtmap from l3dt could i just export 1024 and in tb import layer and change it to 10240 .. would that cause any problems with texture
  14. ok when creating my terrain now the layers file is beign placed in *\source\data\layers instead of *\data\layers and i copied the file from first location to the data folder but im getting an error https://gyazo.com/20844f580832e6cc31f20ce2dc55f1a2