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  1. Campbell948

    How to join clan

    Title says it all please help: P
  2. Campbell948

    Mig-21 PFM (Fishbed-F)

    Really nice mod , but i noticed something bit weird , i can go through the plane body for some reason like the whole front of the jet you can go through it
  3. Campbell948

    A3 music classnames and time

    thank you ! this really came handy
  4. Campbell948

    End Game - Scenario Guideline

    Hello Guys , is there a way that allow me to only use simple Objective module only ? eg , i want a task where player have to download intel from some dvice Please help
  5. Campbell948

    View Settings

    Sorry i just made account i don't know how to post in forms i have one small question how to make any object pickable , eg i want to be able to pick up camera