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  1. Hi everyone. I´m working on a terrain, I've paked it and uploaded to steam. It´s working fine... but, with no objects in map, only roads. Why? I've edited the objects map in Eden Editor, but, when I import the objets to terrain builder, only a few of them appears on the map. When I created the templates library, I "Automatically renamed" the duplicated templates, could that change of names affect the objects importing?
  2. Hi, I've the same troubles (slowing, buldozer.exe missing, etc), I solved that, reinstalling twice or three times, Arma 3 Tools and rebuilding P: (Yep, frustrating) But, there is one more thing I can't solve. In TB, after loading Terrain, Sat and Mask, I try to generate layers, but once I click, TB crashes. I´ve been trying to fix it, surfed every post and forum, but... no way. My proyect is to build a real terrain, so... I´ve downloaded Terrain using Global Mapper (10240X10240 Meters), then exported it as .XYZ I've downloaded Sat Image using Universal Maps Downloader (Using Global Mapper Coordinates) in Zoom 15 (Then resized 10240x10240) in Gimp (.png) I´ve created the Mask using Gimp and resized it too (10240x10240) (.png) I´ve imported every file into Terrain Builder, setting the coordinates (Not to 200000 and 0), because of UTM Zone of real Island is 21 F, so I decided to fill easting and Northing using the real coordinates (EASTING: 357873.000 - NORTHING: 4252484.500) Then went into Mapframe properties - filled in - (Samplers: 1024x1024 - 10 - 10240 - 1024x1024 - 10.000000 - 512x16 - 16 - 40.00x40.00 Hit on Rebuild Terrain - Then souced the layers.cfg and finally checked Export Sat, Export Mask, 4 Materials, Save RVMAT, Convert exported into .paa and Debug. Hit on "Generate Layers" and...... Fu..... yea. TERRAIN BUILDER CRASHES. Definitely, I need help.
  3. Am I wrong or Terrain Building is not working properly? I´ve a lot of troubles trying to use it. Until May 27th, was fine, but since yesterday it´s not working. I started dealing with Buldozer, reinstalling and repairing a docen of times. Now I got it, it works, but can´t Generate Layers, when I Hit on Generate Layers, TBuilder crashes. Has anyone the same trouble?
  4. donjuandavis

    Buldozer error 86

    Hi, error 86 (launching buldozer). I´ve solved it, running Arma 3 Tools, then \ Work Drive Management \ Install Buldozer. (After checking cache). Looks simple, but in my chase was effective. In spite of that, I can´t keep moving on, because of the "Layers Generation". Every time I Hit on "Generate Layers" TBuilder crashes.