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  1. I meant, do they already planned to do it ? and if not, where can I ask them to plan it. it is an unmoded server, so it would be impossible for me to make players download a mod. But thank you very much for the Extension advice. Does somebody else knows ? Maybe somebody from bohemia ?
  2. If you ban a player, he still can connect with another steam account thanks for your answer
  3. Hello, it has been a while i’ve been looking for this. having my own community on Arma 3, I often have to identify multiple accounts for same players. Is there any way to get the player Hardware ID (I mean, unique identifier for same computer) ? I know there is nothing like this in basic functions, but do anybody have any clue ? If not, is there a slight chance that it can be added some day ? If not, do you know where I can send bohemia a suggestion to add this ? (I already know feedback.bistudio, but it’s only for bug reports..) thanks in advance, Max
  4. Hello, Thank you very much for your work, that's everything I needed for my project. The thing is, I work with linux, and I saw the Linux extension should be released soon. Do you have an idea about when ? Very great job, :) Max