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    Find player by id

    You're right, but they have no idea how we did it ;) so they don't think about it I'm sorry but you're wrong, as the name says it, profileNameSpace is related to profile, not to steam acc...
  2. SmokeMax

    Find player by id

    Did it. Works well. awesome idea men thx ;)
  3. SmokeMax

    Find player by id

    I know both of C/C++, but as i said earlier : thank you for your answer
  4. SmokeMax

    Find player by id

    I will try anyway, even if it is refused i would have tested, but thank you for all your answers, you seem to well know bohemia usages. thank you men this is a great idea !!!! not fully resolved but will try something with that ! thanks men
  5. SmokeMax

    Find player by id

    No they don't :( unfortunately it is not especially for hackers... I mean, we have hackers, but once banned they often don't come back it is life server, so there are rules which meant to be respected, and banned guys often come back with multiple accounts..... don't ask me where they find the money x)
  6. SmokeMax

    Find player by id

    I meant, do they already planned to do it ? and if not, where can I ask them to plan it. it is an unmoded server, so it would be impossible for me to make players download a mod. But thank you very much for the Extension advice. Does somebody else knows ? Maybe somebody from bohemia ?
  7. SmokeMax

    Find player by id

    If you ban a player, he still can connect with another steam account thanks for your answer
  8. Hello, it has been a while i’ve been looking for this. having my own community on Arma 3, I often have to identify multiple accounts for same players. Is there any way to get the player id (I mean, unique identifier for same computer) ? I know there is nothing like this in basic functions, but do anybody have any clue ? If not, is there a slight chance that it can be added some day ? If not, do you know where I can send bohemia a suggestion to add this ? (I already know feedback.bistudio, but it’s only for bug reports..) thanks in advance, Max
  9. Hello, Thank you very much for your work, that's everything I needed for my project. The thing is, I work with linux, and I saw the Linux extension should be released soon. Do you have an idea about when ? Very great job, :) Max