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  1. screen shot how your pbo project is set up please
  2. nah before u do that clear the temp folder then re pack
  3. but there is A3 assets on the map already?
  4. ok sure mate have you placed down objects on map so far? if so mods or A3 assets?
  5. your welcome Also whats the actual error in the notepad?
  6. From what i can see is that your using a old Pbo Project your is version 1.72 the latest if im not correct is 1.94 so the p3ds you have placed don't work on older versions anymore etc if you placed a p3d version 73 the pbo project wouldn't be able to reconigse that p3d hence faulty p3d and fail to produce the map, check the view output and that will tell ya where the error is
  7. Thanks mate that worked straight away appreciate all the help you gave you should be apart of the Bis Team as you seem to have better knowledge than most there and fix alot of the problems keep up the good work :)
  8. Easy to follow tut well set out and done, thanks a'lot pee for putting the effort in to help people keep up the good work mate arma 3 need people like yaself who are always willing to help :)
  9. Likewise i have never had a problem before with it just weird why all buildings are in game just no Boundry boxes or roads
  10. Hello, I have used addon builder but since then when I load up map in editor I have noticed no roads & building bounding boxes are showing up on sat image but in game all buildings are there but no roads. Is there any reason why this would happen? Any help would be greatly appreciated. No roads No black boxes
  11. Leegards

    Buldozer cursor.

    black box is still appearing for me and im on dev branch?? i validated and stuff still there tho
  12. You need to switch to dev branch on the arma tools and just to be on safe side re- run a3p
  13. its a figure of speech it seems like they obviously making arma better but dont take into consideration how it effects arma tools we trying to make arma better with new maps but always getting set back by arma 3 updates which the tools were working fine as they were. so all im saying is just have a little consideration for people making maps
  14. well i aint gonna be using anymore models i just want them to use the same offsets as v69 not hard is it to just re put them back, its a joke how they can change them when people have spent months making maps then bis say hey lets change shit and fuck everyones map up
  15. well they need to switch them back to v69 cause its breaking anyone who has placed a3 assets on there map