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  1. TreeSlayer

    Preview Vests and Hats

    Well..bohemia interactive..there is never an easy way to do something..
  2. Hello, just wanted to know how to preview custom vests and hats. For example when i retexture a hat or a vest and i want to look how it looks ingame i usually would just go into the editor place a unit and set the texture. But since its a vest/hat i cant do that because all he paints is the charakter clothing and not what i want. Anyone an idea how to preview such things? Its urgent! Tree~
  3. TreeSlayer

    Paint vehicles white

    It looks like this now http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/548682681773281077/B5E5962831C1CC5B2A79836D09D153B21DBA80E8/ but somehow im not rly happy with the white. I added some dirt but even that is hardly visible since its just so white. Any tipps? Maybe apply some material? I rly dont know
  4. TreeSlayer

    TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms

    Does someone know how the green jumpsuits are called? Cant find them in the pbos for some reason.. Edit: nevermind, found it
  5. TreeSlayer

    Paint vehicles white

    Sorry if this is the wrong sub forum, if it is move please. I was asking myself how do i make white vehicles? When i re textured vehicles before i just used blend modes like multiply and it worked kinda nice. All the details were still there and the vehicle was dark green for example. How do i do that with white? Blend modes (in photoshop btw) dont work. For example the UN units mod has white vehicles but you still see all scretches and details. How has he done that? Would like the make the Arma 2 SUV a UN vehicle :)
  6. Hey eh, if someone could do me a favour and add some light bars to my vehicles? ive already asked how to do that here https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/188681-add-police-light-bars-to-mod-vehicle/ but even if i get a reply im probably horrible at it :D If someone could do what i discribed in my linked post that would be amazing :)
  7. TreeSlayer

    How to update mods without playwithsix?

    Arma 3 launcher or arma 3 sync maybe.
  8. TreeSlayer

    Add police light bars to mod vehicle?

    Thank your very much :)
  9. Hello there, im new here and i wanted to ask what ways there are to add police light bars to vehicles. I know there is that hidepolice 1,0 stuff. I tried that but yea just works for the offroad and doesnt look that nice to be honest. Thats why i wanted to add police lights to old arma 2 vehicles which i have retextured. This is how they look atm http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/548682046894741237/78F1BEFC860618782D8D282B0C64DD4BD5013005/ (this is how i wanted them to look like https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/94/Police_car_from_Afghanistan.JPG ) Btw: if you want give me some feedback on those and maybe what to do even better since these are my first skins ever. Anyways. I want to add some sort of lightbars to them but google doesnt give me anything usefull.. All i need is like a tutorial on adding lightbars to vehicles and maybe how to make them actually work (light flashing and sound) Youtube doesnt show me anythin usefull aswell. Everybody is just showing off but nobody explanes.. If you guys could help me that would be amazing :) sorri for brad english im from england im not :D anyways have a nice day! Edit: why are the links not working? They did for me before i put them in here..
  10. TreeSlayer

    Emergency Lighting System

    arma uses a way different engine which handles light way different than GTA. It is also quite heavy impacts performance. I guess its just the best way to make the game more playable
  11. TreeSlayer

    TAC Vests

    huge mod. Just the best there is!
  12. TreeSlayer

    Trigger broken for dedicated server?

    yea same here thought i was stupid but sometimes they dont work for me either
  13. TreeSlayer

    Post New Thread Button missing?

    ohhhh....alright. Reading is a thing thats actually usefull. Well...
  14. TreeSlayer


    someone will pick you up...eventually...