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  1. Alright guys, fantastic mod i'm having fun with this one for sure. Having a little problem with the "exit" rallypoint though. I have no idea how i can give it to a Team Leader for example so it can be deployed when getting to an AO etc. From the wiki i see the classnames are mentioned so i'm thinking it's something to do with those but i'm abit clueless with all that sort of thing. I'd really appreciate some help with this if anyone can. Or point me in the direction of a how to or tutorial. Thanks EDIT: Nevermind i've figured it out. It seems it's as simple as just putting the "exit" flag on the map and moving it as and when you want. Haven't tried it in multiplayer with friends yet but i hope it's as simple as that lol.
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    Had a go at trying this script out and i started teleporting to the vehicle from the flag pole once or twice but now it's just spawing me to kind of close to the vehicle. I was getting this script error message at the start though _set = _this select 2; _type = typeof |#|_veh; _pos = getPos _veh; _dir = getDir _veh; waitUnitl {sleep 1; !Alive |#|_veh}; Error Undefined variable in expression: _veh If anyone can help that would great. Thanks in advance, Rob.
  3. Alright guys, just started to really have a go at editing with alive. This is probably a stupid question but i'd rather be sure before i start messing around. Was just wandering if i want to place units, objects, tasks etc in specific places it's not going to cause problems or conflicts is it? I'm assuming it won't but again, i'd rather be sure. Edit: I meant placing things inside TAOR markers. Thanks in advance. And thank you for this amazing mod, makes life for people like me who know nothing about scripting etc when making missions alot easier Rob
  4. Ok thanks mate. If it's starting to get to you though then take a break for a while, even hobbies have to be left alone for a while or it starts to get boring etc, just like anything else. Loving the mod as it is and it's got great potential so hope you dont get too burned out lol. It takes as long as it takes, rather you produce something of quality :ok:
  5. Hi VQ, fantastic work on these mods. I havent had much chance to play around with them but looking great so far. Just wandering if the Spookwarcom mod is scrapped now or needed along with these seperate mods? I know it's not specified but im a little confused by the Readme's and docs in mod folders. Again fanatastic and looking forward to seeing how you progress with this :ok: EDIT: Actually i should be more specific. But for example in the readme of the L.E.A.P, F.R.O.G.S etc mod folders it's still says to add spookwarcom to A3 Directory. Also in the LE.A.P Modules 1 & 2 texts it details the H.A.L.O modules from spookwar. I'm guessing you've just combined those into the one module in L.E.A.P. But i just want to be sure if i should even bother keeping the spookwar mod aswell. Thanks
  6. Hello people. Had a read of this thread and i get the impression this mod has been sort of abandoned. Is it still usable and do any of you still use it quite regular in single player, with just friends or a server? Hope it is because it looks fantastic and it's a shame if it has been abandoned tbh. Looks very promising indeed. Edit - Anyone know of a similar mod. I know of VQI's Spookwar but i mean something more EOD related? :)