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  1. Also waiting for the BAM to have Eden support and some of the crash issues to be fixed.
  2. The problem with the error: "Warning Message: Addon 'CUP_Bohemia_Config' requires addon 'CAMisc'​. " is the Mogadishu mod. It uses CUP Classes and duplicates names.
  3. gpldan

    Insignia Name

    Thanks for the export tip, that will come in handy.
  4. Some of the backpacks that I see from mods, like Massi, TRYK and RHS - the backpacks for something like an explosive specialist come pre-configured. They have explosives and claymores and such in them. If you try and add or subtract items using Arsenal, it seems to just ignore this and puts back the backpack the way the object wanted it. How do I over ride? Also, with Arrowhead loaded for radios - my character always spawns with a radio and the backpack I assigned to the character is dropped on the ground. Why is this? Thanks.
  5. gpldan

    Example SQM Files

    Nobody seems to have gotten far enough using Eden that they want to share, I guess. Even the Youtube videos seem to only teach how to use BLUEFOR Present triggers - all the rest of the functions remain a mystery. HOLD doesn't seem to even work.
  6. gpldan

    Insignia Name

    Nobody bothered to respond. The answer, as I have found it, is that some mod maker's - like the Under Siege patches on Armaholic (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26519), comes with a textfile classlist. You can then call it like: [this,"CLASSNAME"] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia; But some mods, like CT Glynn's patches mod, did not come with a classlist. So adding the patches to a MP game is basically impossible, unless you somehow de-compile the .pbo which I think may be possible, but not sure.
  7. This page: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Unit_Insignia#Usage says you can call this: _insignia = player call BIS_fnc_getUnitInsignia; To find out an Insignia name. But if you script that in Eden to a character, it doesn't show you the insignia you preview in Eden. So I can't figure out the Insignia object names. If I set this: [this,"111thID"] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia; then it will show the 111th Insignia. How do I find the other Insignia's names so I can add them in Arma 3 Eden?
  8. gpldan

    Example SQM Files

    I am working on a 3D MP Mission for a dedicated server I have built. I am trying to learn to do simple things, like intro and outro - mission orders when you join the server. And slightly more complex things, like get some Takistani soldiers to board a truck, have the truck drive several miles down roads, and disembark and surround a building. I want to warn the players with an action when they pick up an intel folder. Something that comes over the radio warning the player that soldiers have scrambled and are heading their way. Give them time to bug out or set an ambush. Trying to link the soldier's "embark-drive-disembark-spread out and surround" to the picking up of the folder is a bridge too far. Having trouble. Not enough good trigger staging videos and docs are not good at explaining, they are mostly just a listing of the scripting API. Is there a solid scenario in SQM form anywhere that I could download for the EDEN editor to look at good examples of how things were done? It would be so much easier if BI published some sample scenarios with semi-complex actions in them. Any help appreciated.
  9. http://s838.photobucket.com/user/MikeD-2010/media/Capture.jpg.html What does it mean in the entity viewer when an entity is purple or red?
  10. I created a unit "by hand" by pulling riflemen, explosive experts and a team leader from the objects one by one, and I had the men group to the leader. However now in the browser I am seeing the objects highlighted as purple and red. What does this signify? I have looked at the docs and cannot find anything about what the colors signify and using contextual mouse over does not work in Eden.
  11. Thank you. The radio system does it. Should have figured that out myself...
  12. I am a recent Arma 3 player. Maybe 4 months. Have CBA-A3, SSPCM, C2, RHS and ASR mods. Been playing SP missions from Steam. Looking at Hunter SIX Campaign. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=310594159 In it, creator has choose your own squad members, come back and rest, and a base with helos for missions. Helos have pilots already not in my team. I can get in them, but I can't order them to fly to LZ. I tried setting teams, different things on map but cannot get Blackhawk to fly to LZ. How do you order the helicopter to fly to a marked LZ on map? Also under radio (0-0-1) I don't see a way to call for extraction. I have arrowhead radio mod, so was thinking perhaps that interfered. Any help appreciated.