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    Delete this account please

    Thank you
  2. First off let me state I am by no means a computer guy but let me assume I know what Im talking about I have and AMD Phenom II x2 processor 3.40 GHS 5GB RAM 64 Bit OS Windows 7 Nvidia Geforce Gt 520 I get under 15 fps on the complete lowest settings visibility down textures blurred objects like trees non existent from far away you name it I want to run Arma 3 on atleast high but I don't want to spend more than 200 dollars Will switching to a Nvidia GTX 960 2gb or 4gb get me high settings good resolution with atleast 30+ fps with a server around 70 players or am I asking for too much here Also if there is a cheaper method please let me know again I am not a computer guy so English please thanks
  3. Unfortunately, its not just island life, but all life servers. Life servers are just more popular then wasteland, and just behind dayZ, they've been around for a long time and are now about to get bigger. Takistan life has the most players of all ArmA II OA servers excluding dayZ. Donations are a key habit to life servers now, and so are the rewards. Its just the beginning my friend. :(
  4. A donation = giving money for a cause with the intention of supporting something. Most donations are free. Let me start off by saying I'm an Island life kind of guy, I play lots and lots of Island life. Island life is a mod for Arma II/III btw. Pretty much all these servers have a donation thing going on, and some of these donations are asked for ingame by text that appears on the screen when you spawn in. Now, I don't think it takes that much money to run an ArmA server, so I think its not really necessary. Still not really the problem. The problem is the ingame rewards. The donator shop for instance, where you can spend ingame currency for unfair advantages and cooler items that only donators can access. Some servers give you lots of in game currency, and others will give you a house or somewhere unique to spawn in. This is where I see the problem. Getting ingame stuff when you send money to these Island Life communitys is not donating, its pay to play. When ever I go on an island life server, I swear a third of everyone is a donator, these guys must be making tons of money. There basically charging people for extra stuff, and as far as I'm concerned, that isn't legal, is it? If this isn't legal, then these servers must be taken down, its not right, they don't deserve to be making money just for hosting a modification that 90% didn't even create, just host.
  5. noblesteve

    Still havign trouble

    Error says cannot load texture. I'm trying your ideas now, I am just having an issue converting my textures to paa cause my folders and files arnt making any changes at the moment probably do to a bug or something. When I try this Ill let you know if it works. Thanks.
  6. I'm still having trouble mastering the very basics of texturing. I tried to read every tutorial out there but it either doesn't make sense to me or somehow doesn't work. Can someone please help me with my issue.
  7. noblesteve

    Textures apppear black?

    NOHQ normal map texture? From watching the video can you tell me what to click or type?
  8. Ok so I have decided to have a textured box to be my first thing I get in the game because that's probably as far as I can get right now. Getting the model in oxygen2 was not a problem for me, the textures were, at first it said undefined, then I played with the settings and my textures appeared only to be black. I changed the texture from JPG to PAA before I textured them on the model so I wouldn't have to change them afterwards. If anyone has any answers, please share them.
  9. noblesteve

    Help on mask_LCO please.

    Layers texture? Is that the mask texture. Yeah I now I don't have it because I don't know how to make it. That's what I was asking.
  10. Ill test your map for you. Id be more then glad too.
  11. When I made my model in blender, I used a mirror modifier so I would only have to work on one side. However, when I export it into oxygen 2, only one side of my object is visible. Is there any mirror option in oxygen 2?
  12. noblesteve

    Your mods being stolen and ported to GTA IV

    Battlefield 3? There are no black hawk type helicopters in Battlefield 3. And the engine is too hard to get into and so much advanced.
  13. noblesteve

    Help on mask_LCO please.

    No that's not my problem, its that I don't know how to create a mask, I don't get what they want, something about RGB blah, I need an explanation. Its like they want me to color a color over the texture but it needs to be that color? And what color do I make the ocean?
  14. Hi, I'm trying to make a terrain but I can't figure out what to do next, can anyone help me?
  15. noblesteve

    No video tutorial?

    Sweet dude thanks, this made my experience with visitor 10 times easier.