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  1. +Halina+

    Out of Africa (Coop/1-10)

    Mission updated and working fine with patch 1.94
  2. +Halina+

    Out of Africa (Coop/1-10)

    Thx Scott, I intended to make it into a series of missions, so it would all make sense in a long run, but it takes time, like, a lot of it. So don't expect any Hunt for Red October level of depth and exposition :) But I hope you'll find it fun and interesting experience. Some promo artworks made during the mission testing:
  3. --------========||| click HERE to download |||========-------- - Up to 10 players coop mission. - You can play this mission during daytime or at night. - Well-developed objectives - medium-length assignment. - Infantry \ Motorized focus. - ACE for revive, demolitions and interaction, TFAR for comms. - Arsenal for reequipment. - Unpredictible African Civil War setting. - Lots of custom audio, media, reports and intel to give story some depth. - Excellent Kujari map with interesting and diverse locations. - Zeus slot for server admin, spectator and headless client support.. - Suprise mechanics. - Only workshop mods, compiled in convenient one CLICK collection. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////SITUATION\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Engulfed in endless and out of control conflict are powers from around the world, lured by scent of opportunity, - wild country, rich in resources, ravaged by years of civil strife and war is up for grabs - seemingly waiting to be torn apart by ruthless laws of politics. Government is either non-existent or puppeteered from outside, depending on season, political climate and cash flow on local elites bank accounts. But the power of local establishment, civil services, press control and administration - it all ends on the outskirts of the capital city and few leftover military bases. Outside, influence borders are marked by blood of rivalling factions, dependent on foreign support to thrive on land and local populace. There are no rules or permanent allies, due to a short window of time before the country finally and irreversibly implodes or UN, prolonging decision of serious intervention for years, will at last vote in its favour. Like many similar conflicts before, this one is riddled with ambitious and outlandish players. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////INFO\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Enemy forces had been very successful lately. Few nights ago they had surprised and wiped out an entire garrison in nearby town of Geydar, seizing valuable war materials and acquiring good operational position just outside our doorstep. The majority of enemy shock troops and heavy duty equipment are long gone, rushed to counter different enemy far away from here. We know that the town had been very heavily fortified by Zubin units, with MG positions, sandbags and roadblocks, but the garrison stationed there is a leftover brigade, comprised of roundup troops raging from cooks and recruits to simple looters. The civilian population has been either replaced, escaped during the fighting or fallen victim to ethnic cleansing that supposedly followed the assault. Also, no friendly units are present in the vicinity of the operation, hence enemy refocus on different front. This situation presents an interesting opportunity - we could cut of the head of enemy force, a striking blow that would give us time and leverage to disrupt enemy forces further in the future. We know that Zubin is bedridden sick - dysentery took its toll on him, he's weak and has to be keep stationary and preferably close to running water. We have multiple confirmations that he's present on site, waiting to get snatched by your unit. - Find and kill or capture Commander Zubin - Gather any intel on enemy forces movement, intentions or command structure - Neutralize AA battery - Get to evac ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////MODS\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ All of the mods listed in window on the right are OBLIGATORY to run the mission without issues. The mods listed as optional will make do without. I know it may look like a lot, but most of the mods listed as essential are just patches to make everything work smoothly, as they help with mutual compatibility between core addons: ACE3 CBA_A3 RHS CUP JSRS All of the essential mods with optionals can also be downloaded with this ONE CLICK collection on Steam. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////OPTIONAL\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Not required, but [h1]strongly recommended[/h1] as we use them in most collections, they add a lot of immersion to the gameplay: Blastcore Edited (standalone version) Enhanced Movement ShackTac User Interface BloodLust KA Arms I also strongly recommend to use these programs for multiplayer setup: - Hamachi - TeamSpeak ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Tips\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ - You do not need to carry 55kg of equipment all the time - drop your stuff before combat, use vechicle storage etc. - If you find new stamina too hard - then you can disable the ACE fatigue system on server side using settings or delte with THIS guide. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////DISCLAIMER\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ I did my best to make this mission playable, user-friendly, and bug-free. If, however, any such issues occur, please inform me in comments below. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Thanks\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ - Bohemia Interactive. - Temppa for great map. - Countless other modders who made this mission possible with their astounding work on available addons.
  4. +Halina+

    Can't join any game

    Hi, I'm struggling with my own issue, but I've found few interesting tricks that might help you during my bug research: - In-game press shift+numpad "minus" and type FLUSH - Try arma 3 development build (via steam/properties/beats) - Use command in: windows/launch/CMD - type: "ipconfig/flushdns" - Try login with different profile - Ensure that arma and battle.eye have AV and firewall exceptions, also try to connect with AV disabled - Disconnect any redundant USB devices (joystick, camera, dildos, external drives etc) - Launch steam with/without admin privileges - Launch steam in both online and offline mode You can also try some stuff with router, like: - good old router restart - check if router firmware/drivers are up to date - If you can, try wireless connection if you use cable (and contrary, the other way around - cable if you use wifi) - Check router firewall status - use some site like speedtest to check if your connection is ok (if it is "fluent", and as for speed the default accepted max on arma servers is 200ms I belive) - Update network interface card drivers Hope some of this might help, GL.
  5. Hi, I need help. I'm struggling with an issue that prevents me from playing Arma 3, I tried fruitlessly for a week and a half, but I've run out of ideas how to fix it, nor did I find anything that could help me on Arma community forums. After I got Apex installed ARMA 3 gets "session lost" on every multiplayer game I tried to join. Before Apex was installed everything was running fine: Arma3+A3Launcher+mods (eg.Exile) with no issues whatsoever. Here are the usual symptoms: - "Session lost" (the main issue at hand - like 95% of crashes) - Sometimes a pop-up is different : "You were kicked off" (rarely, usually after I manage to get connected, an then kicked after less than a minute) - Endless loading (sometimes ambient audio and player VOIP are hearable, even when game freezes with black screen) - Often, upon loading the server game just returns to main menu with no pop-up. - If I "dick around" too much (alt+tab, alt+crtl+del or other combinations) during load - the system gets frozen and solid restart is required. Now, It looks like that: I'm logging in like any normal, sane person, launch steam and A3L, select server, and go! - it always worked before. Then, after logging onto server, choosing location/spawn etc., I can run around, pick some crap from the ground or open a door and in less than a minute I get "session lost". After such kick I usually cannot connect at all ("session lost" upon loading) or I can connect for a minute and got kicked or spawn at the bottom of the ocean and then got kicked. It seemed to me at first that the issue is with my connection/AV software/change in Arma specs after Apex or me being flagged by infiSTAR/BattleEye as a cheater/pirate/sexual-offender. But, the game is original, my player ID is active like - since dinosaurs roamed the earth, I've never used any scripts/hacks/cheats, nor have I been with Arma3 account on server with script-kiddies (It is known that crap form such players sometimes "infects" other users on the server and lingers with their accounts like in A2). I'm also pretty convinced I was not banned or even kicked once (other than server restart), I have no VAC ban, and, furthermore, both infiSTAR and BattleEye seems to be loading fine (screenshots attached below). Now, when I get kicked and then try to reconnect via in-game server browser, the mod window in lobby states that a number of mods have wrong/different version than mine (screenshot below). The mods in question were installed by A3L on clean Arma3 install, wiped of everything (mods/data/clean) as admin, restarted, verified etc. Furthermore, majority of these mods were working fine before I got Apex and their install path made by A3L was correct and launching Arma was giving me no problem at all. I tried to resolve the issue by several means (listed also below – eg. Copying files from people playing the given server) but I’ve managed only to get one “green” (approved) mod and others not, although it is worth to notice that even with these mods marked as “red” I was able to join and run around for minute. I may be wrong, but in Arma it was always like “no way” to connect if you did not have the correct mods installed, if the data (.pbo) was not present the game (session) either won’t start at all or run fine occasionally informing you about missing stuff – not like now - letting you play and then decide to kick after exact amount of time. The same stuff goes on the vanilla official servers, usually at the “receiving data” I get “session lost”/kicked. I've been playing bohemia games since OPF demo, and I did my fair share of mission making, working in editor, scenario scripting, tweaking and modding, so I am quite familiar with both the engine and all possible issues with BI games themselves had over these years. What I mean by that is that I am well aware that one wrong semicolon in .init line and your computer would explode. Also, English is not my primary language so sorry in advance for any discrepancies/grammar issues. Here is the list of things I tried with no apparent effect on the issue at hand: ===Hardware=== - I've checked and cleaned PC inside - The CPU is NOT overclocked or anything, nor do I use any "speed-up" software - As stated before the game worked perfectly (for an arma) prior to Apex update so it is highly unlikely that this could be an hardware issue - Updated graphic card drivers - A good old restart - Disconnected any redundant USB devices (joystick, drives etc) - Used CMD ipconfig/flushdns ===Connection=== - Restarted router - Tried both cable and wifi connection - Updated network interface card drivers - Updated router firmware - Setting exceptions in windows firewall - Setting exceptions in kaspersky - Disabling kaspersky - Virus/malware/rootkit scan (malwerbytes/ksp/defender) - I've read about multiplexing (LCC) issue, but my router (technicolor 7200) does not have any option regarding this. - I've tired CMD ping command, and the results are always like 5-32ms. (I think 200ms is "desync kick" in arma servers by default) Also, on speedtest I got 4ms and 115Mbps. ===Software=== - I use arma 3 launcher to manage mods, it worked flawlessly before the Apex update so it is also unlikely that this is the issue, nevertheless I tried different configs, reinstalled and cleaned it up several times - Tried setting different start-up profiles - Tried latest performance build (v.16) - Verified mods - Deleted, unsubscribed, reinstalled and verified mods - Launching game with manual setup of required mods - Installing manually mods flagged in-game as missing/wrong version (more bellow in 'in-game" category) from armaholic - Installing stated mods from a files copied by friend who actually play on the given sever without any issues at all - Using different versions of A3L builds - infiSTAR seems to be working fine ===Steam=== - Verifying game cache - Launching steam with/without admin privileges - Launching steam in both online and offline mode - Disabling steam overlay - Launching with and without startup command (-noSplash -cpuCount=4 -high -maxMem=8192 -exThreads=7) - Setting files in arma 3 folder to be NOT read-only (especially battle.eye dll's) and setting all .exe files to be admin privileged - Un-subscribed/subscribed to all possible mods - Restarted Steam in different configurations - Reinstalled Arma several times with total wipe (manually removed folders form user/documents and user/appdata/local, workshsop items, remains from steamapps/arma3 and then a ccleaner and registry check for any lingering shortcuts/strings) - Launching every .exe in arma3 directory (for registry entry, firewall exceptions etc) as admin - Deleted my local mission file - Reinstalled battle.eye (deleted everything from steamapps/appdata/program files, then steam verify) - Tried arma 3 development build ===In-game=== -Tried in-game FLUSH command (shift+numpad minus) - the game connects successfully but after less than couple of minutes I still got "session lost" pop-up. -Tried launching the game with different video settings (low, medium, high and finally I let the game chose for itself with autodetect) - Connecting from in-game server browser - this method clearly states that server is running a different version of few mods also it can be seen on server info (screenshot attached) which mods are faulty. The mods in question were reinstalled by me as stated previously in few different manners. - New player profile Also, before loading the example server (exile) I get this message: " No entry'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/iteminfo.scope'. " But I'm firmly convinced that this is just a result of the problem or unimportant detail, not a game-breaker. My specs are: Operating System Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU AMD Phenom II X4 965 Deneb 45nm Technology RAM 16,0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 669MHz (9-9-9-24) Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC. M4A78LT-M (AM3) 36 °C Graphics SMEX2220 (1920x1080@59Hz) 3072MB ATI AMD Radeon R9 200 Series (ATI AIB) 46 °C Storage 238GB ADATA SP920SS ATA Device (SSD) 32 °C Here is my .rpt / log file from the last "sucesfull" connetion that ended in "session lost" after about a minute. But I was unable to find anything of use since it all looks like one big bug report : conflicting, cannot update, warning, error, no more slots, strange component, memory points not found, not initialized, unknown source, deinitialized, unable to compile, invalid pitch, sync error, error, error and error. This all looks like a one big mess of an error to me. The only truly intresting thing I’ve found seems to be this: “No more slot to add connection at 015030 (1523.6,3012.8)” And this: "c:\w\profile\futura\lib\network\networkserver.cpp ClearNetServer:NOT IMPLEMENTED - briefing!" It makes no sense to me – none of these files/locations are on my PC. Other than that I cannot comprehend how the game was even able to launch in the first place after such bug-strom. Cheers.
  6. +Halina+

    ARMA 3 Freezing on mission load

    Sooo, do we have any confirmation it is strictly connected to AMD CPU's?
  7. Maybe the game got cloged up, and simple 'flush' (left shift+numpad minus then type "flush") in game will clean it up?
  8. So, I figure it is recomended to update BIOS firmware to improve AMD CPU performance?
  9. It's good to know, I was wondering why the option was greyed out.
  10. +Halina+

    Mods won't load from a save game

    Indeed, bummer with post number restiction, necro.