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  1. [framework no longer works as intended due to some new game updates - I might break it down and release certain scripts that work]
  2. Hey cybercoco, I'm not sure that you can change and edit it on the fly (i'm not that familiar with dialogs). I think the tooltip commands are only for the box that shows up when you hover over an item on the dialog (like a button, etc) but to get the border of the entire dialog i'm not sure. Hayden
  3. HaydenS

    Spawn car with script

    From what I can tell, that looks like it should work. Just don't forget a ';' after the first line :) EDIT: Actually you may have to define the amount to add as well. Like this: vehicle1 addWeaponCargoGlobal ["hgun_Rook40_F", 1]; Haven't tested either so i'm not sure.
  4. HaydenS

    Payday Mod

    Awesome Job Man! I love seeing more innovative missions like this one!