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  1. Published it to the workshop Workshop
  2. How about both Dropbox Google Drive
  3. I mad a fix for the rf3080 (Satcom) for my community's in-house mod. I packed it separately as well for anyone who needs it (even signed it for you) Mega Dropbox Google Drive Steam Workshop Anyone wondering the fix it is class cfgWeapons { class ACE_ItemCore; class CBA_MiscItem_ItemInfo; class tfw_rf3080Item: ACE_ItemCore { class ItemInfo: CBA_MiscItem_ItemInfo{}; }; }; You just need to make sure the actual mod is loaded first by putting "tfw_radios_rf3080" in the required addons.
  4. I see you have the bisign but I don't see the key in the mod files.
  5. for those wanting documentation im currently looking threw the source and getting rudimentary documentation, but all the comments in the source is either stating that the function was modified or its in french which im working on translating the best i can but a lot of the french characters are missing so its a lot of guess work. as well alot of the variables are in french so it is sorta hard to understand the code by analyzing it. so it might tack a bit but. Also for Mr.jizz there might me a problem with some of the customization as some of R3F is now packed into a .pbo and R3F relied on editing files inside the script for some of the customization you might not be able to, Im sure S.Crowe is working on a way to fix that and if not ill do it for him and pull request it on GitHub. :)
  6. Diffidently going to give it a try. but any planns on adding the advanced sling loading by the same guy as advanced towing, if so i could remove 2 mods and 1 script from my server just a thought love the mod anyways though.