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  1. Hello, if I run the following code: _missile = createVehicle ["M_Titan_AT", [4000, 4000, 2], [], 0, "NONE"]; a running missile with its engine on will be created. Is there a way to create a missile that is turned off? For examples, the one hanging at aircrafts' pylons. What should I type instead of M_Titan_AT? Or, is there a different way?
  2. I don't know if it's relevant to the Visual Upgrade but since it's a similar problem I would like to share it: what if BIS replaced completely stencil shadows, which are bad looking and draw a lot of resources, with soft shadows which are closer to reality, more beautiful and less stressful for the CPU since they're generated by the video card?
  3. 3D particles a la FumeFX would be amazing for me.
  4. Completely replace shadow volume (aka stencil shadows) with shadow mapping (aka soft shadows) for: 1. Performance: being able to shift CPU work to the GPU in ArmA would be a nice thing; 2. Aesthetics: one can't deny soft shadows are way better than stencil shadows. Discuss!
  5. @ruPal I saw all your youtube videos regarding edits of blastcore 2 and I should admit they're coming pretty well. Do you know if it's possible to further enhance the realism in particles a la battlefield 1 or star wars battlefront?
  6. Looking forward to this patch since I'm a graphics/VFX enthusiast :)
  7. Native command to calculate acceleration of an object, like: vector = acceleration (vehicle player); It's already in VBS, https://resources.bisimulations.com/wiki/acceleration :)
  8. After some tests with accTime and diag_tickTime I managed to get the delay between two update which is roughly accTime * delay = 0.00329716 * 5 = 0.0164858, which means the frequency is 1/time = 1/0.0164858 ≈ 60 times @ seconds. Now, I don't know if it's 60 for every PC or just in my case since my display has a frequency of 60 Hz. Could somebody confirm it's either 60 physics updates @ seconds or it's FPS updates @ seconds? Hope this will be useful for future modders. Thank you very much! Edit: did a further test @ 12 Fps and it still looks to update 60 times @ seconds.
  9. Good evening guys. How does the physics simulation, like velocities, positions, etc... work? Are calculations updated on every frame (e.g. 60 fps -> 60 physics updates @ second) or do they have a fixed pause between them (e.g. 33 updates at second regardless of frame rate)? In other words, what is the interval between, for example, object position updates (e.g. t1 = [0,0,0], t2 = [0,1,0], t3 = [0,3,0], ...; interval between each update: 50 ms). Thanks!
  10. I meant something like: accel = (vehicle player) call PYL_fnc_acceleration; instead of: _accel = (vehicle player) call PYL_fnc_acceleration;
  11. So the final function would be: // // 1 - object; // 2 - true (convert to km/h^2) // - false (default, m/s^2) // example: [(vehicle player), false] call PYL_fnc_acceleration // params ["_object","_mskmh"]; private ["_ret"]; _dt = (1/diag_fps); _xA = vectorMagnitude (velocity _object); sleep _dt; _xB = vectorMagnitude (velocity _object); _dx = _xB - _xA; _ret = _dx/_dt; if (isNil _mskmh) then {_mskmh = false;}; if (_mskmh) then {_ret = _ret * 12960;}; _ret ? And what if the output of the function will not be stored in a local variable? Will I need to include it inside params?
  12. Could you explain a little bit more what should be the structure of the folder Addon builder will take the files from? I got this error:
  13. I managed to make this Config.cpp file: class CfgFunctions { class PYL { class Geometry { file = "myPath"; class acceleration {returns the acceleration of an OBJECT;}; }; }; }; How do I further proceed so i can finally pack this as a pbo, just like ArmAIII's vanilla functions pbo (functions_f, functions_f_gamma, etc)?
  14. Thanks, i've already seen that and posted here since i understood nothing.